Un-Natural Sex 20 (2007)

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Un-Natural Sex 20 (2007)


Barbie Cummings [Anal Facial DP DAP Swallow A2M]
Carly Parker [Anal Facial DP DAP Swallow A2M]
Lorelei Lee [Anal Facial Swallow A2M]
Rebeca Linares [Anal Facial Swallow A2M]
Sarah Sunn [Anal Facial DP DAP Swallow A2M]
Sierra Sinn [Anal Facial DP Swallow A2M]
NonSex Performers
Haley Paige
Tabitha James
Tory Lane


Anthony Hardwood
James Deen
John Strong
Steve Holmes
Tony T.
NonSex Performers
Hung Lo

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Barbie Cummings, John Strong, Tony T.
Scene 2. Lorelei Lee, James Deen
Scene 3. Carly Parker, Anthony Hardwood, Steve Holmes
Scene 4. Sarah Sunn, Sascha, Steve Holmes
Scene 5. Sierra Sinn, John Strong, Steve Holmes
Scene 6. Rebeca Linares, Harley

Scene 1:

Barbie Cummings, a curvy blonde with a physically attractive face, was up first as she discussed her nervousness over doing a DAP (double anal penetration; two cocks in her ass at the same time) with Chico. She had pretty eyes and as soon as the short interview was over, Tony T. and John Strong started banging her from both ends. Her mouth was throatfucked while her ass was tapped (with a bit of flatulence tossed in for good measure). There was no build up and within a moment, she was getting DP’ed, choked, and spit on. As in the other scenes, she also did some salad tossing, licking hairy man-ass as part of the nature of the show and it was clear that they were pushing her limits well before the advertised DAP (she claimed it was her first, and last, though Chico questioned her resolve in case she liked it). She was a fairly active ride when only one cock was plumbing her backside, the slapping and rimming coming back with some taste testing to boot. For the most part, there were no surprises here and she did everything asked of her with a near vengeance; almost if trying to prove something in the process. Such movies are not meant for displaying chemistry or warmth so much as extreme circus act sex and test the limits of the ladies, Barbie showing she had what it took several times over to earn Chico’s contempt. There was even some foot fetish material for fans but it ended as expected with both facials going into her mouth and Barbie saying she liked it after swallowing.

Scene 2:

Lorelei Lee, a very curvy blonde into BDSM, was up next as she wore a bright red dress and leopard print panties during her interview. She explained her fetish and was soon working with scrawny James Deen; a guy that has long seemed to have either the ability to act like a bully despite his size or a true mean streak when allowed to let loose on a gal. In person, he always seems shy and reserved so I’m not sure exactly where he comes from in this sense but she was the perfect gal to work with him here. He walked over and started slapping her, jamming his cock in her throat while doing so, getting the desired response from the lady. In the world of power exchanges, she embraced the concept more than most (otherwise she would have kicked his puny ass). The deepthroating led to him drilling her ass, the gal aggressively riding his dick in the anal to the point where she seemed hurt. Her limits were pushed as much as her ass was stretched, the gal acting like he was too much for her a few times in the scene. The choking really didn’t do much for me but the times where she really appeared to be having fun certainly seemed heated, ending with a minimal facial.

Scene 3:

Carly Parker, a busty blonde with too much make up, was up next in a scene with Anthony Hardwood and Steve Holmes. This was her fifth anal scene but her first DAP so she was willing to let them guide her through it. The scene actually opened with her slobbing the knob of Anthony but Chico called her to the interview before she serviced both of her partners in the movie. The oral was intermittently applied to both men (their cocks and assholes) and they spent most of the time fucking her ass before doing the nasty bareback DAP. She liked the taste of her own ass with the ATM and her active riding style elevated the scene more than a little bit but as with the whole movie, the sex was getting kind of numbing in how harsh it was. She even started calling them « Daddy » as they drilled her, the DP and variations serving to punctuate her relative lack of sexual limits. It ended when she swallowed both loads in turn but she seemed a bit jaded at the end and while she’d be worth tossing some cash at for a PSE « date », it didn’t always translate well in the scene.

Scene 4:

Sarah Sunn, a kind of hard looking blonde with numerous blemishes on her ass, was up next in the motel room bed as she masturbated and spouted off some foreign tongue rather than give an interview. That was when Sascha and Steve Holmes jumped on the bed to join her, the sexual antics proving to be much like the other scenes as she sucked them off, took their fingers and cocks in her pussy and ass, and rode then with all the skill of a European whore making the big bucks in America. She took the better part of a hand inside of her and the DAP as though it were no big deal, getting sweaty but never convincing me that she was anything other than earning a check. Fans of circus act sex will appreciate her ability to do all the usual tricks as casually as she breaths, but she really didn’t appeal to me so your mileage may vary. She did swallow the loads with ease, working out the first of them herself before the men kicked back to get some rest.

Scene 5:

Sierra Sinn, a very skinny gal with reddish hair, was up next as she got what she wanted from John Strong and Steve Holmes in a scene that Chico preferred to call « intense » rather than her preferred term of « rough ». The interview was outside with the dog watching and as soon as she walked into the living room, Steve tossed her onto the couch and choked her. That led to slapping, blowjobs, and anal sex; all of which « intensified » as the scene progressed. There was the same salad tossing the other scenes had and of all the cast of characters the movie displayed; she seemed to be the most into the extreme sex. There was a lot of DP footage here and they choked her to the point her face turned cherry red (and her facial blemishes became really pronounced). Still, as much as she’s not my type, if you’re reading this far into the review or have seen recent volumes of the series, this is exactly the kind of scene the series (and director) is known for so you’ll probably appreciate it more than I did. It ended when she sucked down the loads of population pudding, no hole left untouched repeatedly in the process.

Scene 6:

Rebeca Linares, the cutie on the front cover and all around anal princess, was up last in a scene with third tier mope squad member Harley (the tattooed foreigner). She teased outside by the swimming pool as she displayed her youthful form, speaking Spanish becoming the norm of the scene as all three of the people there spoke at least some of it. Rebeca spoke it the most fluently and Chico’s valiant attempt to try some fell a little flat but the scene soon moved into the bedroom with a standing 69. She sucked a mean cock and he seemed to enjoy eating her out, the gal winning by default as she was practically a force of nature here with her oral skills alone. The anal came after that and she was as aggressive an anal cock rider as the movie produced; her lithe form swaying back and forth as he nailed her. It ended with the mouth pop and swallow; my favorite scene overall. Whew!




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