Un-natural Sex 17 (2006)

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Un-natural Sex 17 (2006)


Alexa Lynn [A2M]
Barbara Summer [Anal DP DAP Shaved Swallow A2M]
Jasmine Tame [Anal DAP Bald A2M]
Katie Rae (as Katie Ray) [Anal DP DPP DAP Bald Swallow A2M]
Lexi Hawk [Anal DP DPP DAP Bald Swallow]
Nadia Styles [Anal Bald Swallow A2M]
Tiffany Rayne [Anal Shaved Swallow A2M Creampie]


James Deen
Jay Ashley
Steve Holmes

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Barbara Summer, 2 guys
Scene 2. Tiffany Rayne, guy
Scene 3. Jasmine Tame, 2 guys
Scene 4. Alexa Lynn, Lexi Hawk, 2 guys
Scene 5. Katie Rae, 2 guys
Scene 6. Nadia Styles, guy

Scene 1:

Barbara Summers, playing a parody of the old Wonder Woman television show by starting off as an anal sex hater, spinning around, and finding herself dressed up as a slutty « uberwoman » anal queen, complete with fishnet top and skimpy shorts that loved anal sex. Without the special effect sounds, it came off as goofy but Tony T. and Steve Holmes didn’t seem to mind as she skipped the preliminaries to go right to the anal in the bedroom scene. The oral and vaginal came after she warmed up, then did a standard DP before her reported 2nd DAP (two dicks in her ass at once) scene. She has a round, healthy looking ass and her accent has long been welcomed in porn as she spouted dirty talk. The sex was kind of mechanical as they sawed away at her holes, rarely giving her the chance to push back or show how active she could be. She did PTM and ATM (taste testing the dicks out of her own bodily orifices) but the main event was how well she took them anally at the same time (more than once too). She swallowed their loads at the end of the scene, as expected, and that closed out a scene that was technically well done, if lacking in chemistry.

Scene 2:

Tiffany Rayne, the incredibly sexy newcomer to porn with the perfect ass, was up next as a submissive where Steve Holmes went right to tapping her ass after leading her around on her hands and knees in the house using a leash to her collar. She did ATM aggressively and offered her ass back up to him as she called for him to « fuck » her harder while she jilled her pussy. There was spanking and she rode him hard when placed in cowgirl position but she looked good in all the other positions too. He ended his portion of the scene by giving her an anal creampie, part of which she shat out and licked up off the leather couch. While this part of the scene was pretty hot already, she then had a follow up blow bang with Jack Venice and 2 other uncredited men (the other two probably didn’t want to be credited since they had smaller than average cocks that took forever to get even partially erect) with all three giving her the semen she desired to swallow down without any edits to disguise a spit out as some companies are known for.

Scene 3:

Jasmine Tame, the hotty on the front DVD cover, was up next in a scene on a couch with Jay Ashley and Steve Holmes. She could be Tiffany’s sister from their looks and this was billed as her first DAP scene. Again, she followed the formula of anal first and all the other stuff afterwards, sucking him clean with some ATM and alternating between the men in pussy, ass or wherever they wanted to nail her. She was enthusiastic, energetic, and a treat to watch no matter which of her three holes she was getting nailed in. The standard DP was skipped but she was a good performer, providing another great scene.

Scene 4:

Alexa Lynn, an interesting looking redheaded gal in her second scene (who was the only gal that didn’t get a cover credit, even though they wrote « ATM » in black magic marker on her forehead), gave a short interview before cuter brunette Lexi Hawk, was showcased. The men for the scene were Tony T., Jay Ashley, and Steve Holmes, each getting some fun time with the ladies. Alexa was a secondary player here who blew some of the guys when they weren’t actively drilling Lexi and Lexi was a bit too mechanical as she followed the positions formula. Otherwise, Lexi did the DAP as well as the usual DP, DAP and an airtight scene (one in each hole). In the end, Lexi took multiple loads to the mouth and cumswapped them back and forth with Alexa, though Lexi was the swallow hound.

Scene 5:

Katie Ray, a girl next door type that reminded me of mainstream actress Juliette Lewis (with perhaps a little of porn performer Joelean in her too), was up next as she followed the formula with Steve Holmes and Tony T. after a short interview and tease session. While she didn’t seem as « excited » as she claimed to be, this was reportedly her first DAP so she anticipated it with the kind of « I’ll be making more money soon » sort of attitude. The men started as they did in all the other scenes, with the anal to stretch her out a bit, and some ATM as the chaser. She was the only one to do some true male rimming (salad tossing) and they spanked her a little though she was the least active rider of the bunch. The DAP wasn’t much to watch since the lighting didn’t truly cover her nether regions very well. She was vocal although in the kind of bravado manner that made it almost a way to taunt the men into finishing off faster. The standard DP seemed a lot more enjoyable for her but it ended as expected with the men dropping loads into her mouth to gargle and then swallow.

Scene 6:

Nadia Styles, wearing glasses and in her librarian look, took over one of the cameras during the opener and made the scene seem like « Nadia TV », her own personal reality TV show. This led to the more conventional scene although with only a single player, James Deen, who placed his sausage in her armpit first rather than the anal most of us would’ve expected. She sucked him off and he started tapping her ass, with some very energetic choking. I’m not a fan of choking so those of you into it should know that it was more aggressive than usual with the scrawny man getting into a bitch slapping contest at one point when the two slapped each other back and forth. She coaxed him into boning her ever harder, with some throat fucking and ATM as icing on the cake. The scene ended with her sucking him off one last time before she swallowed his load to finish out her episode of « Nadia Vision ».




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