Un-natural Sex 15 (2005)

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Un-natural Sex 15 (2005)


Alicia Alighatti (as Alicia Alighotti) [Anal Facial Swallow A2M]
Heidi Besk [Anal Facial DP DAP Bald Swallow IR]
Ria Lynn [Anal Facial Bald]
Taryn Thomas [Anal Facial DP Swallow A2M]
Tina Fine [Anal Facial DAP Swallow]
Tyla Wynn [Anal Facial DAP Swallow]


Andrea Moranty
Brian Pumper
Brian Surewood
Buster Good

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Taryn Thomas, Brian Surewood, Buster Good
Scene 2. Ria Lynn, Brian Surewood
Scene 3. Tina Fine, Andrea Moranty, Sascha
Scene 4. Tyla Wynn, Andrea Moranty, Sascha
Scene 5. Alicia Alighatti, Brian Surewood
Scene 6. Heidi Besk, Brian Pumper, Buster Good

Scene 1

Taryn Thomas is very attractive dark haired performer who has small natural tits and nice ass. She starts the scene immediately getting fucked in the ass and sucking cock at the same time. She appears in the scene with the excellently named Buster Good and Brian Surewood. Taryn has developed into a very sexy dirty talker and takes the anal well. I personally would have liked to have scene some pussy fucking as the anal gets a bit monotonous at times (as it does in all the scenes) but this is an all-anal themed film I suppose. The only actual pussy action is limited to the DP she takes in a couple of positions. She takes both cumshots straight in her mouth and after a bit of gargling swallows them down. This is one of my major criticisms of the film. Personally I am a big fan of facials and would like to have seen the cumshots on the actual faces of the girls. Only Ria Lynn in scene 2 takes a facial all the other scenes are swallowed cumshots. It would have been nice to see Taryn’s pretty face covered in cum, however the scene doesn’t disappoint, Taryn shows great enthusiasm throughout, and especially when doing ATM and sucking cock.

Scene 2

Ria Lynn appears in the second scene with Brian Surewood. This is the most disappointing scene in the film. Ria is a newcomer who isn’t particularly good looking and has very small tits. After some initial anal toy penetration the pair do all anal in a number of positions. The scene is disappointing as there is no cocksucking whatsoever throughout the scene with the exception of one small timid post cum suck. I am assuming Ria didn’t want to perform ATM in the scene. It could have done with some pussy action, also Ria seems to lack energy throughout the scene, the only bonus been a great facial popshot by Surewood at the end.

Scene 3

Tina Fine stars in scene 3. She is a very sexy decent looking blonde with small but perky tits. She appears in the scene with Andrea Moranty and Sasha. This scene is undoubtedly the best of the lot. Tina is really sexy throughout showing great enthusiasm. She sucks cock including ATM brilliantly and fucks like her life depends on it. There is great chemistry with the 2 male stars and she talks dirtily throughout begging to be fucked in the ass. She takes both a DP and DAP well and while the cumshots are swallowed by her its good to see plenty of the cum land on her face as well. With some pussy fucking this scene would have been ever better. Wasn’t aware of Tina Fine but after this hot performance will definitely be looking out for more stuff from her in the future.

Scene 4

Tyla Wynn stars in scene 4 with Andrea Moranty and Sasha. Tyla isn’t the prettiest of pornstars however she does have great large natural tits. Like with Tina Fine, Andrea and Sasha have great chemistry with Tyla. Despite not being the best looking Tyla is very sexy and puts in a great performance especially when relishing 2 dicks up her ass. She shows good cocksucking skills and is another performer who talks dirty throughout the scene. Disappointed with the pop shots, again would have liked them on her face but she does swallow them like a trouper. I have seen a few scenes with Tyla in the past but this was definitely the best to date. 71/100.

Scene 5

Alicia Alighotti appears in the next scene with Brian Surewood. Alicia is the least pretty of the girls that appear in this film. She has nice big tits unfortunately they’re covered up by her dress during a lot of the scene. Surewood is a top performer and fucks her ass throughout the scene and then goes back for more straight after cumming! Alicia fucks well in the scene and arguably gives the best BJ of any of the performers interspersing the ass fucking with plenty of ATM. Unfortunately for me she’s just not attractive enough and this is a bit of a turn off. Good to see a bit of variety with both boy/girl and 2boy/girl scenes, shame same can’t be said with pop shots, another straight in the mouth.

Scene 6

The final scene is with Heidi Besk who has been interviewed (with awful background music) throughout the film. This is supposedly the big finale with as I mentioned earlier her first ever DAP. This scene is with Buster Good and Brian Pumper (nice to see a bit of interracial). Heidi is average looking with medium natural pierced tits. She does both DP, DAP and ATM well and is a decent cocksucker. Seems a slight lack of energy in the scene however, not much dirty talking by her either, when there is it seems a bit forced and insincere. Scene finishes with the popshots in her mouth swallowed down. This scene is bit of an anticlimax really, the film could have done with ending with Taryn Thomas or the excellent sexy Tina Fine.




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