Un-natural Sex 14 (2005)

Submitted on: 26 Nov 17

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Author's Description:

Un-natural Sex 14 (2005)


Janet Alfano [Anal Facial DP DAP Swallow A2M]
Kelly Wells [Anal Facial DAP Swallow A2M]
Lyla Lei [Anal Facial DPP DAP]
Missy Monroe [Anal Facial DP DPP DAP]
Tiffany Holiday [Anal Facial DP DAP Swallow A2M]
Trina Michaels [Anal Facial DAP Swallow A2M]


Alberto Rey
Andrea Moranty
Brian Surewood
Marco Banderas
Robert Rosenberg

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Missy Monroe, Brian Surewood, Sascha
Scene 2. Janet Alfano, 2 guys
Scene 3. Lyla Lei, 2 guys
Scene 4. Tiffany Holiday, Marco Banderas, Sascha
Scene 5. Trina Michaels, guy, Robert Rosenberg
Scene 6. Kelly Wells, 2 guys

Scene 1:

When he say let’s start. the two guys are like hungry coyotes after a tasty prey. They start fucking her beautiful ass right away. She try to give her best BJ, deep throat at times, first guy in her ass let her taste it. She jumps RC, the other guy complete the DP. She looks awesome, they even double dicked that amorous pussy, she screams, -My pussy is so fucking tight- but they keep going anyway, she does RCA, which let us appreciate those lusty lips, for me this is pure pleasure, again they DP her in CG, they cut on her where she is riding CGA, she says she wants two dicks in her ass, so they please her. OMG she is now taking a full throttle DAP, she keeps talking and asking for more, -Fuck my tight ass, feels so fucking good- , they will go again RCA, from there they double analyze her, change to a regular DP and then she states: – Fuck me like a dirty whore-, She try the DAP again, then some acrobatics, and then some piledriver anal and vaginal, he pops in her mouth she seems to swallow, the other guy uses her fantastic pussy to bring all the cum. Here you can see why I call Missy’s asshole one of the most beautiful in the biz, it was just fuck hard for two dicks and still looks so pink and yummy, she must be from another world. He cum all over her pretty face.
Very few scenes I give a rating cuz all depends on a personal taste, but for my this is a 10.

Scene 2:

Our next girl starts fisting herself, in the popshutter, then a helper shows with a toy, he inserts it in there, gives her a try of her own juice, another guy come in the set to give her, some lollipop, she dual BJ the guy and the toy, in the meantime the other one is not losing time, and grab Janet ass doggy style, she does the classic RC to get a hot DP. From there they DAP her, she has no problem, been there done that, plus they stick the toy in her pussy, she shows she can gape, they keep their feast on Janet ASS, CGDP, and double analyze her shitter, they pound her some more to get ready. They pop in her mouth, she gorgles and swallows.

Scene 3:

She say she from Thailand she is funny in the interview with Chico, I recommend you take some time and enjoy, which prepares you for the next scene: She’s fuck right away in the ass, no mercy show here first doggy, then she jumps on top RCA that become a DP from there they insert the two poles at once up her ass, then they try to it RCDP that turns into a second DAP in that position, taking turns they go for her pussy, they even double penetrated that pussy, She receives a double shot of cum in her face.

Scene 4:

Tiffany make us believe she has some serious issues, she said she was molested. From there she keeps going the entire scene. She has a nice frame small, but nice. < you can come to my house and I promise to make forget any bad experiences you could have.>, They start fucking the hell out of her in a odd piledriver position, to start? She takes in the ass and pussy they DP her there, slowly she comes closer to the floor and start taking one dick at a time, or better yet one in her ass, one in her mouth, then anal doggy style, so far I can’t see her entire body, but those boobies are real appetizers, she ask to be fuck harder, she give us a nice hard ride RCA, then DP and finally the treat of the day DAP in CG she turns around for an RCA, they DAP her there, let me tell you, she is very brave, B/C the guy on top has some problem keeping hard wood, which makes difficult the second insertion when the double anal takes place, but she shows she deserves her pay. She gapes and come back for a facial, not today, they make the deposit in her mouth, which she swallows.
She say, my (whoever) give a facial. They grab her by the hair and bring her to the kitchen, they pour two gallons of milk all over her, then ask her, Is this a better facial? She accepts, walk to the living room -It’s fucking cold- she say, kiss and goodbye.

Scene 5:

She is ready for her first DAP, while her husband will watch her being fuck by two studs at a time,
Are you going to let your wife been fuck in the ass while you watch?
Not only that, she will be DAP,
She has some big boobs, and she say her asshole can get very big. They start pounding the shit out of her literally, RCA, then CGDP, from where they double penetrated her ass, they go all positions in the book, end give her a treat of what DAP means, hard and nice. They cum in her mouth she swallows. Well if she is not close to any of the girls in looks she is a nice trooper, plus the fact that hubby is watching makes this scene a winner.

Scene 6:

Kelly has been with us the entire movie in the form of an interview, in between scenes. Where we learn she was a street hooker in Vegas, in her scene she will be treat as bad as she can go, choking, slapping, she got fuck in the ass right away doggy style, nice, by both guys, she try to deep throat when BJ’. You can see she is ready for anything due to the size of her gape, now they change, this is the first spoon in the whole movie that I notice, which is great, with some ATM, the keep her busy in both ends. She rides RCA , where she slaps herself, they go back and forth on Kelly poor, and abused ass, now you can see what their mission is; giving her the most abuse, while she is still having a good time, more ATM and again RCA that turns into a hard DAP, she takes it Anal doggy style, they DAP in CG, this girl show us what is she made of. One guy fist Kelly’s ass, the other try to insert three more fingers there. She says: she will love some cum in her throat, they say come here little bitch, there you have it, she swallows both loads. Nice but rough scene. I love it.




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