Un-natural Sex 11 (2003)

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Author's Description:

Un-natural Sex 11 (2003)


Ariana Jollee [Anal Facial DP DAP Swallow A2M]
Britney Madison [Anal Facial DP DPP DAP Swallow A2M]
Hollie Stevens [Facial DPP Swallow]
Jamie Brooks [Anal Facial DP A2M]
Jynx [Anal Facial]
Maxine [Anal Facial DP DAP A2M]
Venus [Anal Facial DP DPP DAP Swallow A2M]


Brian Surewood
Jay Ashley
Joel Lawrence
John Strong
Steve Holmes

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Ariana Jollee, Jay Ashley, Tony T.
Scene 2. Maxine, black_guy, guy, Steve Holmes
Scene 3. Venus, Brian Surewood, Jay Ashley
Scene 4. Hollie Stevens, Steve Holmes, Tony T.
Scene 5. Jamie Brooks, Brian Surewood, Joel Lawrence
Scene 6. Britney Madison, 3 guys
Scene 7. Jynx, Tony T.

Scene 1:

Ariana. Interview. I think she is married to Chico Wang. Tony T & Jay Ashley. No hands BJs and deep throat. Spits on the camera. Anal & BJ doggie position. Chokes her. A2M. Anal & clit solo. Rim job, but camera missed it. DP reverse cowgirl. Double chokes her. A2M. Ball sucking. Anal rev cowgirl. DP rev cowgirl. Double anal rev cowgirl. ‘2 guys in my ass, I am so f..king lucky’. Slaps her face & chokes her. A2M. Anal. Jay spits in her face. Anal cowgirl. Double anal doggie position. A2M. Double anal doggie position. A2M. Anal from behind. A2M. Anal side ways & chokes her. She rims Tony with good close up. Puts her cap on. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off & swallows. 2nd open mouth facial & swallows. ‘Awesome’. She plays with the cum and salutes good-bye.

Scene 2:

Maxine. Boise, ID. Interview about $10, $20 tricks & her pimp. Black guy & 2 guys. Anal & BJs. DP & BJ rev cowgirl. A2M. Double anal rev cowgirl. Double A2M. Screwing & BJ on her back. Double anal. DP rev cowgirl, standing up holding her, doggie position. No hands BJ. Gags. Anal & BJ. She rims Steve Holmes. Anal & BJ. A2M. Open mouth facials.

Scene 3:

Venus. Interview. Gives her rates. Brian Surewood eats her. 2nd guy. DP doggie position. A2M. Anal & BJ. A2M. Anal & BJ. DP doggie position. Double vag doggie position. Anal as she rims guy. Double anal rev cowgirl, doggie position. A2M. No hands BJ. Rims Jay Ashley. Anal & BJ. Open mouth facial. Lots of cum. ‘It was not suppose to be a facial’. Chico says, ‘I lied’. 2nd open mouth facial. Swallows.
Scene 4:

Hollie. Interview. Tony T. Solo fingering. Finger double vag. Steve Holmes. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Screwing & BJ reverse cowgirl, side ways. She rims Steve. Double vag doggie position, reverse cowgirl. Screwing & no hands BJ. Ball sucking. P2M. Ball sucking. Open mouth facial. 2nd open mouth facial. Swallows.

Scene 5:

Jamie. Interview. See-through mesh top. In room. Brian Surewood & Joel Lawrence. Anal & no hands BJ cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. A2M. DP doggie position. A2M. DP doggie position. Anal & BJ side ways, doggie position. A2M. Anal & BJ. She rims Joel & then Brian. Guys stroke off on her face. Lots of cum. BJ clean ups.

Scene 6:

Brittney. Topless. Interview. Talks about her breast reduction. 3 guys. BJ. Rims guy. Rim job & screwing on her back. Rims her. Anal & no hands BJ on her back. Double vag & BJ briefly. DP & BJ doggie, rev cowgirl. Double anal. A2M. Double A2M. Double vag & BJ. DP rev cowgirl & BJ. Anal. Gape. Double anal. Open mouth facials. Gargles & then swallows. Cum bubbles.

Scene 7:

Jynx. Between each of the scenes we are treated to an extended interview with Jynx. It includes the donkey punch, blood, animal blood, red wings, gross stuff involving number 2 if you know what I mean. ‘I am just a worthless piece of shit slut and everyone should remember that. If you tell me I LOVE YOU I will kick you in the dick. I am a f..k puppet’. On sofa. Interview. She has 2 ass-holes. Tony T. Spanks her. Anal cowgirl & chokes her. Anal on her back, spits on her face. Chokes her until her neck is red. Anal on her back. Chokes her & spits on her face. A2M. Spits in her face. Stuffs her head in corner of the sofa & anal from behind. Chokes her. Spanks her until her ass cheeks are red. Anal from behind her, side ways. Chokes herself. Slaps her face. Chokes her. Spits in her face. Anal rev cowgirl & double chokes her. Topless. Tony holds her head down on the sofa and strokes off on her face. Licks up the cum. Director yells ‘Goth’ to her and she hates it.




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