Un-natural Sex 01 (2000)

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Un-natural Sex 1 (2000)


Bailey [Anal Facial A2M]
Mei-Yu [Anal Facial DP Swallow A2M IR]
Molina [Anal Facial DP Shaved Swallow A2M]
Monique DeMoan [Anal DP A2M IR]
Syren Smiles [Anal Facial Swallow A2M IR]
Noname Jane (as Violet Blue) [Anal]


Erik Everhard
Jasper Wade
Jon Dough
Lexington Steele
Mark Davis
Mickey G.

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Syren Smiles, Mickey G., Mr. Marcus
Scene 2. Bailey, Mark Davis
Scene 3. Mei-Yu, Erik Everhard, Mr. Marcus
Scene 4. Molina, Jon Dough, Mickey G.
Scene 5. Noname Jane, Erik Everhard
Scene 6. Monique DeMoan, Jasper Wade, Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus

Scene 1:
Syren starts things off and before she can utter a word, she’s got a big ole dick in her mouth. We can’t tell at this point if she really is an anal sex freak, but this girl sure seems to like sucking cock. Fear not, with two cocks to play with, she has to let one of them up inside her fairly soon and the ass is as good a place as any to park a hard dick. Syren doesn’t seem to move much during her scene and isn’t the most energetic anal slut I’ve ever seen, but man can she suck dick. There are some moments when she looks into the camera that generate some heat, but mostly this scene is for guys who just like watching cute girls get the shit fucked out of their asses by big, fat cocks. She gulps down a couple loads of cum, proving that she’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Scene 2:
Bailey has a ‘do-anything’ look in her eyes as she moves her mouth down to devour a dick. Her head starts bobbing, but it’s her pierced tongue that seems to do the best work. I don’t know about having it shoved into the pee hole, but who am I to criticize that which I don’t understand? (It’s called irony people and it was supposed to be funny.) That tongue also does some anal probing and in turn, her own ass gets probed by a big, hard cock. There is some very nice looking RCA where Bailey rides hard, taking it deep. She seems to be in a bit of pain though, taking away from the lovely close ups of her shaved slit and stuffed butt. If deep anal is the name of the game for this movie, then I would say the first two scenes cover that theme quite well. Davis has her do some A2M a couple of times before finally unloading right into her open mouth.

Scene 3:
Mei-Yu is a very active, vocal and totally hot Asian babe who starts her scene out with Marcus’ cock up her ass, grinding her hips while sucking a second shaft. If it weren’t for the second dick in her mouth, Mei would be making quite a bit of noise. As it is, the works both dicks with so much energy that everyone in the room (and at least one reviewer) is very impressed. With the guys taking turns, Mei shows that she loves all cock, black or white, in her ass and in her mouth. Don’t be shocked to this chick in a gang bang video at some point because she fucks like it would take a room full of cock to make her happy. It’s hard to tell which end she likes more, but isn’t that exactly what we want from our porn sluts? This girl ends up getting DP’ed until you think she can’t possibly take any more, but with a smile, Mei just lets them fuck her holes until both cocks explode in her mouth. Swallowing both loads, Mei finishes the best scene so far in the movie.

Scene 4:
Molena’s bush is in need of some thinning, so while she sucks some cock, Dough shaves her down a little. When he’s done there, Jon gives her a second dick to suck so that Molena can move her pretty face from side to side, tasting two flavors of man meat. She has a long way to go to be as eager a butt slut as the last girl, but I like Molena’s haircut and the way her ass opens right up for a hard dick. They start the DP fairly soon, but she has a really nice butt and looks good being plugged in both holes. Molena squats to take two load in her mouth then swallows every drop.

Scene 5:
Violet is a brunette girl who is OK looking but seems to be wearing a rather bad wig. She has a nice body and takes dick in her ass while rubbing a pocket rocket on her clit. To be honest, I might enjoy watching her more if I didn’t know that the next scene has to be Monique’s. The lighting for this outdoor anal romp is perfect and the action is very well shot. She’s also a cute girl who loves it in the butt. I’m just a little pre-occupied and anxious to see the reason I grabbed this movie in the first place. While riding RCA, she uses a day glow dildo on her pussy for a little one man DP action. This time the cum ends up on her wrecked rectum.

Scene 6:
Finally Monique hits the screen and she’s got dicks all around her. Lexington Steele is having his big cock sucked while Marcus works on her from behind. Her perfect butt gets split, making her suck even harder on the two in her face. Just when you think her hot blowjobs can’t get any better, she looks into the camera and says “ass to mouth” with a big smile on her pretty face. My friends, the girl next door has become a sex hungry whore and we all get enjoy it. While she is hard at work sucking, the guys are taking turns fucking her pretty butt and Monique just takes every inch in stride. She’s on her hands and knees taking a hard pounding in the ass while giving great blowjobs to the two lucky guys at the other end. (Hey Monique, my birthday is coming up you know.) They flip her over and Monique takes Lex deep in her ass, sucking him clean after a solid buttfuck. It wouldn’t be at all out of line to call this Lex/Monique pairing as one of the best anal scenes Lex has ever done. Monique takes him deep, A2M sucks him, then takes a standing anal that really highlights her incredibly shaped ass. (I still say there is such a resemblance that this is eerily close to watching Jennifer Love Hewitt fuck as we will ever come.) As a finale to this great scene, she takes one dick in her ass, one in her pussy and sucks a third. After filling her, all three guys leave their loads on her pretty face. Monique takes all three loads with a big smile completing the best scene of the movie.




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