Un-natural Sex 07 (2002)

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Un-natural Sex 07 (2002)


Belladonna [Anal Facial DP DPP DAP A2M]
Jessica Dee [Anal Facial DP DPP DAP Bald A2M]
Jessie J. [Anal Facial DP DPP DAP Swallow A2M]
Judy Star [Anal Facial DP DAP Bald Swallow A2M]
Shelby Belle [Anal Bald A2M Creampie]
Shyla Stylez [Anal Facial DP DPP DAP Swallow A2M]


Chris Cannon
Erik Everhard
Jay Ashley
Mario Rossi (as Mario)
Mark Davis

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jessica Dee, Erik Everhard, Mario Rossi
Scene 2. Jessie J., Mario Rossi, Mark Davis
Scene 3. Shelby Belle, Erik Everhard
Scene 4. Judy Star, Erik Everhard, Jay Ashley
Scene 5. Shyla Stylez, Erik Everhard, Mario Rossi
Scene 6. Belladonna, Erik Everhard, Jay Ashley

Scene 1:

To kick the movie off we have Jessica, Erik and Mario. Jessica is a pretty decent looking girl with medium length blonde hair who has very nice and natural C cup tits. Jessica is standing in the Diabolic warehouse, she gives the camera a little tease and starts fingering away at her ass. She makes her way over to a chair and continues the fingering and then, giving us a little more tease action, walks up the stairs to meet up with the guys. She gives the guys some head before moving right on to the anal, without even taking her panties off. They then move to a spooning/missionary position and each guy takes his turn fucking her ass as she sucks on the other. She then mounts Erik in the cowgirl position and Mario comes up and they do some double vag screwing! Jessica is then treated to a very good flying DP. She then gets a bit of double anal in reverse cowgirl and quick DP before taking Mario’s load on her neck and chest and taking most of Erik’s load in her mouth. This was a pretty decent scene, Jessica’s performance seemed a slight bit lacking to me but by no means was is bad.

Scene 2:

Next up we have Jessie, Mark and Mario Jessie is a cute blonde with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Jessie gives us a little tease action and then tells us « I need some one to fuck my dirty shit-hole », and we cut right to the action as Mark shoves his cock up her ass while she’s in missionary. She then moves to a doggy position, where she takes anal from guys (they take turns) as she blows the other. We get some nice shots of Jessie’s beautiful gaping ass as well, before they move to a cowgirl position and Jessie takes some double vag. She really seemed to enjoy the double vag screwing, you could hear her getting wetter and wetter, and with a huge smile on her face she even comments on how wet she’s getting! Eventually Mario heads for her as and they DP her for a bit then move to a reverse cowgirl double anal! She takes both guys load, one at a time, in her mouth and the scene ends. WOW, this was a hot scene. Jessie really put on a good show, looking to enjoy the action going on and looking hot at the same time!

Scene 3:

For this scene we have Shelby and Erik. Shelby is a gorgeous girl with medium length blonde hair and some beautifully natural B cup tits. As soon as Shelby walks in the door she immediately shoves her hand down her pants. She tells us she’s looking for a « boy » to fuck her ass, she finds one… Erik. We cut to her on the bed, topless and she gives us some excellent tease footage before the action gets under way (which the whole scene is shot in POV style). Shelby moves toward Erik and begins to suck him off. Erik wastes no time and heads right for her ass and also getting some excellent close-ups. They run through a few positions before Shelby ends up back in the missionary position with Erik feverishly pumping away until he cums in her ass. She pushes a little out and he scoops it up and feeds it to her a few times and the scene ends. This is one of the hottest scenes I have seen. Shelby is just so pretty and sexy looking its nothing but a turn on to have this girl in a POV scene. It even ended in my favorite pop shot, an internal one!

Scene 4:

Here we have Judy, Erik and Jay. Judy is a very beautiful girl with long blonde hair and nice B cup tits (she also has her nipple pierced and her tongue double pierced!). Judy starts off playing the piano, she fingers her ass a bit then tells us her ass is ready. We then have an immediate cut and Erik is shoving his dick in her ass as she sucks on Jay. Jay moves out of the picture for a little while she does some good flying reverse cowgirl anal and reverse cowgirl as well. Jay then comes back into the picture and they DP her and then she takes double anal! They go back to Erik giving her anal and she sucks off Jay until he cums in her mouth and like a good girl she swallows. Eventually Erik goes in her mouth and she swallows that load as well. I have yet to have seen a scene where Judy does a mediocre scene, and this was no exception. This was just a flat out good scene.

Scene 5:

In this scene we have Shyla, Mario and Erik. Shyla is a damn sexy girl with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Shyla starts off with a small bit of tease before coming up with a large blue butt plug and begins fucking her ass with it. Mario continues to shove the butt plug in and out a bit while she sucks on Erik, and then Mario replaces the plug with his cock. They guys switch up before she does a little riming action on Erik. She flips over to cowgirl and she takes a double vag! The guys then do a reverse cowgirl DP, then a cowgirl DP with Shyla. They then have her in a flying DP before giving her some double anal! The guys finish up, one at a time fucking her ass until they cum. Erik is first and actually cums twice in her mouth, two good loads no less, then Mario drops his; She swallows them one at a time. Another really good scene, but I do have one gripe. Shyla kept the corset she had on, ALL through the scene only undoing it a little toward the end so we get to see at lease a small bit of her tits and that’s it.

Scene 6:

To end the movie we have Bella, Erik and Jay. Bella is an attractive girl with medium length black hair and very nice natural D cup tits. Bella is doing some dusting around the room, but then starts playing with herself and gives us a nice bit of tease before Erik and Jay get involved. Erik starts off ramming her ass while she sucks on Jay, she then does some oral on Erik and doing some NICE deep throating before she leads them off to another room. Once in the room, they put her in a flying DP! They then move to a cowgirl double vag and then flip her over for a reverse cowgirl DP! Amazingly enough Bella then takes some double anal for a short bit and then tells us what a dirty girl she is and she can fit even MORE up there and then shoves 4 of her fingers up her ass while both dick are in there too!! Each guy, on at a time, then pound away until he’s ready and unloads into Bella’s mouth. She plays with the cum a bit then the scene comes to an end. I really liked this scene, and I like Bella as well so this was a double pleasure for me. Erik and Jay work her GOOD and she looks to have had a good time too!




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