Un-natural Sex 04 (2001)

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Un-natural Sex 04 (2001)


Daniella Rush [Anal Facial DP A2M]
Illona [Anal Facial DP DPP A2M]
Justine Romee [Anal Facial DP DPP DAP Swallow A2M]
Monica Sweetheart [Anal Facial Swallow]
Sophie Evans [Anal Facial A2M]
Zoe Young (as Zoe) [Anal DP A2M]


Erik Everhard
Jon Dough
Mario Rossi (as Mario)
Mark Davis
Vince Vouyer

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Daniella Rush, Jon Dough, Mario
Scene 2. Illona, Jon Dough, Mario Rossi
Scene 3. Sophie Evans, Vince Vouyer
Scene 4. Monica Sweetheart, Erik Everhard
Scene 5. Zoe Young, Erik Everhard, Mario Rossi
Scene 6. Justine Romee, Mario, Mark Davis

Scene 1: Daniella Rush, Mario (the hairy guy) & Vince Voyeur
Oh my god! Here’s Daniella who acts like she’s talking out of her ass. She is so delicious! 2 guys appear, grabs a hold of her wonderful bottom, feeds it with spit, Mario fingers as she blows on Vince, Mario goes behind her & heads straight for her brown-eye (Nei thai-ah – you see, this is what the fuck I like to see. Go straight for that liver tasting tunnel). I love this scene, so far! Daniella Rush is a wonderful female, in her own way, of course! The guys switch up: the Vince nails her ass in missionary (as one point, very fast) while the hairy, Mario, gets blown off. The guys switch up so many times, it’s like playing a game. A DP occurs & lasts for a while. These guys go merciless on her, especially in her ass. I’ll mention, of course, that Daniella does some very nice facials in here as well. Soon, after the DP stops, only for a small period of time, Vince finishes her ass off in reverse cowgirl. Then, Daniella gets DPed again! Afterwards, both guys take her ass in pilediver, as one takes her anal, she blows on the other. Soon, both guys cum in her mouth. Great scene with a great female! This scene is almost in the same league as her scene in Balls Deep II, except this scene is better.

Scene 2: Illona, Mario & Vince Voyeur
Illona is not, at all, attractive. Couldn’t we have done without this French chick? Anyway, she blows on 2 guys’ trumpets, her panties go down, halfway, to her knees, her cooch gets played in, her ass gets taken by both guys, in multiple positions, she gets a double vaginal intruding in multiple positions, both guys cum in her mouth… Next, please…

Scene 3: Sophie Evans & Vince Voyeur
I used to dislike Sophie Evans, mainly because she has green eyes. I do not like green eyes. My drunk ass, derranged aunt has green eyes & she throws them in people’s faces. Anyhow, Sophie is appealing to me. It seems like yesterday when I was watching Balls Deep II, I’d have say that she doesn’t appeal. Now, I change my mind. She still doesn’t look so good on the cover of this film. She blows this guy, very shortly, before he aims straight at her ass as she’s bent down (great!). She plays with herself during this session. Sophie’s tail-pipe gets taken nicely. There’s some decent A2M here, as well. Position Swap: Reverse Cowgirl. Before the sex continues, Sophie sucks Vince clean. The butt taking continues in reverse cowgirl & cowgirl (a great cowgirl, at that)! This scene is really good! After the sex is over, Vince cums in her mouth. I like Sophie, as she is a good performer, she’s somewhat appealing, I just do not like those green eyes. Good scene, though!

Scene 4: Monica Sweetheart & Erik Everhard (good match)
Here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! Monica Sweetheart pairs up with Erik Everhard. What a dynamic duo. They are on a staircase. Now here, we see Monica going down on Erik as she’s standing up, showing off her sweet ass as Erik fingers it. Man, oh, man! I have a feeling that it’s gonna get hot! Monica sits on the stairs as Erik fingers her cooch & she jerks him off with her feet as she looks into the camera with her seductive, dreamy eyes! Amour, amour, amour! Erik goes straight for the filling of her ass (doggy) as she plays in her pearl tongue. I just love Monica! After the decent doggy anal, she rides Erik in reverse cowgirl, slowly at first. Then, it only gets a bit faster & a tad bit harder. We don’t see Erik giving her a real hard fuck like he royally plunged Sky’s coochie in Bottom Feeders & how he plumbed Christy Parks’ ass in Buttman’s Big Butt Backdoor Babes II. Monica gapes, small ones. This scene, overall, is very, very nice, regardless of how the rest of it will look. She gets a good anal intruding in cowgirl. Later on, the position changes to missionary, then, in a decent pilediver, then, back to missionary (when I think about how great Ass Worship was, I am wondering, now, what if Monica Sweetheart was in Ass Worship instead of Sandy Knight! That would be such a motherfucker! Monica rims Erik’s ass (ugh) & he cums in her mouth. She actually swallows. So fucking nasty! What a great scene with a great female!

Scene 5: Zoe, Erik Everhard & the other guy
From London, she smokes a cigarette before shining Erik up. She goes back & forth (like Cameo) to smoking the cigarette & shining Erik’s beef jerky. Another guy dildos her cooch. They switch as she blows the other guy while Erik eats her out. She blows more penis, gets fingered in her ass & soon, the sex begins! The sex begins & I really don’t care for it. The anal sex is alright, nothing to root over, just like the 2nd scene with Illona. There are multiple positions, Zoe is a bit vocal at times, she gets DPed, one guy cums on her ass while the other cums on her chest. Next, please…

Scene 6: Justine Romee, Mark Davis & Mario
Hot, hot, hot Justine Romee steps up to the movie’s plate. This female is so, so hot! She is a DNA fiend (Dick N Ass)! I highly recommend that you see her in Anal Sluts & Sweethearts 4 (a Jules Jordan film) & Up Your Ass 18. Her scene in Up Your Ass 18, she gets nailed in her ass with intensity by Lex. It’s like you’ve never seen her before. After seeing her intensity in there, I winded up dreaming about fucking her! Anyway, she is wearing a ridiculous vinyl bimbo outfit. She blows on Mario (not hairy here) as Mark Davis whacks her ass a bit. Please, Justine, take that terrible outfit off. She does the same to Mark; blowing him off as Mario whacks her ass, spits in it & eats it out. Also, her ass gets fingered & Mario sticks 4 fingers in her ass! Looks good. Justine has a good butt on her. Justine’s ass is red from all of the whacking! Mario goes straight into her butt as she blows on Mark. The guys switch. There’s some decent A2M, as well. Although I don’t care for oral a whole lot (no offense, Justine!), Justine does not blow on a trumpet too good! Justine’s ass gets taken in reverse cowgirl, pretty soon. They pass her to eachother like a flu. Justine says that she wants to taste her juices. She gives a lot of A2M here. They take her ass in multiple positions, she gets more vocal, at one point, she gets her ass banged very fast, there’s anal tease, as well & at one point, her hair gets pulled! Very, very good! She gets DPed, Mark spits in her mouth (what nasty shit), she gets double vagina & double anal, she rims a guy & both cum in her mouth (we could have done without the double cocks in one hole. That’s just not good, at all). Great scene! Go, Justine!




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