Un-natural Sex 02 (2001)

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Un-natural Sex 02 (2001)


Brandi Lyons [Anal Facial DP DPP Swallow A2M IR]
Claudia Adkins [Anal Facial DP Swallow A2M IR]
Dominica Leoni [Anal Facial DP DPP Swallow A2M]
Fawna [Anal Facial Bald Swallow A2M]
Jade Marcela [Anal Facial Bald A2M]
Nikita Denise [Anal Facial DP Swallow A2M IR]


Bobby Vitale
Jon Dough
Lexington Steele
Mickey G.
Mr. Marcus
Pat Myne
Scott Lyons

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Nikita Denise, Bobby Vitale, Mr. Marcus
Scene 2. Fawna, Mickey G.
Scene 3. Brandi Lyons, Bobby Vitale, Scott Lyons
Scene 4. Dominica Leoni, Bobby Vitale, Pat Myne
Scene 5. Claudia Adkins, Mr. Marcus, Scott Lyons
Scene 6. Jade Marcela, Jon Dough

Scene 1:
Nikita Denise starts things off and she doesn’t even bother to say hello. Instead, we open with the pretty Euro-brunette spreading her legs for the camera and opening her mouth for a pair of hard cocks. They are outside, fucking on the patio, so the sun provides great lighting as she lovingly turns her head from one cock to the other. Her ass is leaning off the bench, so it’s quite easy to just push her knees up to her chest and fill her ass with dick. The guys work a system where one fucks her ass for a bit, then brings his dick from her butt to her mouth. Repeated A2M for Nikita should prove that she’s a do anything slut ready for a party. The guys DP her, but the single cock anal footage is hotter. She is being held while riding RCA, with all of her weight pushing down on his cock, shoving it deeper into her anus. If you like watching a girl fucked repeatedly in the ass and then sucking her own ass juices, then you’re going to be in total stroker paradise with this scene. At last, the guys unload into her mouth, letting her wash her ass down with some hot ball batter.

Scene 2:
Fawnna gets to at least show off her body before getting fucked. She takes her nipples between her fingers and tweaks them, showing how real those beauties really are. She keeps playing with them as a cock slips between her lips. This is one of the new girls I really like, not only because of her great rack, but because she just seems to adore fucking on camera. To get her ass ready for some hard-core anal, the guy fingers her with two digits from each hand, stretching that sphincter just enough to get it ready. This makes it plenty easy for the cock to slide between her round cheeks and cram her colon full of cock. Fawnna really loves it, looking right into the camera during the RCA and smiling as her butthole is stretched. After having her ass fucked for a while, she leans forward, sucks it for a bit, then lets it go back in. Based on the first two scenes, I would say that Dough is no making A2M the primary theme of the Un-Natural Sex line. It’s certainly focused in on well fucked assholes. Fawnna ends up downing a big load of cum, showing that she swallows as well as she sucks.

Scene 3:
Brandi starts off with one of those no word intros. With a lovely mane of long brown hair flowing from her bobbing head, this horny little meat monkey is ready to go. She needs to remember to keep her eyes open more when she’s sucking though. Still, her pretty pussy and young, firm tits make for nice sideline viewing when we’re not focused on her double sucking of the hard cocks in her face. The guys move her to her belly on the bench so one can fuck her ass while she still sucks the other. This scene is pretty much a carbon copy of the first one, with the guys taking turns giving her A2M until she’s ready to take them both in a DP. There are some gape shots thrown in for those who like to see deep into the pooper. After abusing her ass for a while, the guys drop their loads right into her mouth.

Scene 4:
Dominica is a pretty cute chick who starts her scene out with two dicks in her face. (Sound familiar?) By now, the action is fairly predictable. Not a bad thing, especially if the rotating A2M train is what floats your boat. From where I sit, it’s another rather cute girl getting her little ass fucked then licking cocks clean. They move her in when the anal begins, but other than that, things stay the same. They give her some DPP, followed by the more traditional DP. Like the other girls in this movie, she has no problem at all taking loads in her mouth. (After all, she licked her own ass juice. After that, how bad can cum taste?)

Scene 5:
Claudia Adkins is a pretty nice looking Euro-brunette who comes out of the gate nearly choking on a big black cock. I guess this huge monster is enough for the horny babe because she’s going one on one. After a too short blowjob, she stands over him, letting his thrust up into her ass. There is another guy on hand now to fill her mouth. We move in really close for some interracial anal, then stay there when the guys switch places. As before, tons of A2M and some male ass licking highlight this pure anal scene. I really like the anal footage in this scene. Claudia seems well equipped to take super size ass fuckings. She also doesn’t mind swallowing cum.

Scene 6:
Anyone who has seen Jade Marcela knows that this kind of movie is a walk in the park for her. Tiny, cute and totally willing to do anything at all, she is already well know and loved in the raincoater community. She is perfect for this sort of movie. Dough keeps her for himself, fucking her face, then turning her around to pump that little ass. Great close ups of the deep backdoor penetration. He moves around to the front and without an ounce of hesitation, she sucks his cock. I guess if you don’t like A2M, you wouldn’t have gotten this far in the movie, but Jade really does manage to come across as a slut willing to do just about anything at all. I love the way she rides hard, dismounts and shoves his cock all the way to the back of her throat. When he’s pumping her ass, she has two hands working a huge dildo into her hot young snatch. Jon saves a nice big load and shoots it all over her pretty mouth. Great way to end this movie.




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