Angels of Debauchery Vol.6-7

Submitted on: 12 Mai 18

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Angels of Debauchery Vol.6

Scene 1: Lexi Love, the beautiful young lady on the front DVD cover, was up first as she played with a large clear dildo in her bra, panties, and stockings in the bedroom. Tease footage is very important to me so I enjoyed how she playfully worked herself over during what amounted to a slow strip tease and masturbation sequence before Mark Wood got to join in. Her dirty talk was superior and her aptitude for anal showed that she was not going to shy away from the hardcore action as the toy plundered her pucker while she blew him with more than a little skill. She then replaced the toy with his cock, taking him aggressively in her ass before some ATM and various positions showing her stretched way out. They took their time and it ended when she jerked him out onto her face, showing some enthusiasm often missing in gonzo porn that elevated the heat before she swallowed it down. This was advertised as her first anal scene for those keeping track, though I can’t absolutely verify the fact at this writing. Whew!

Scene 2: Lela Star, a very lean brunette wearing only some skimpy panties, masturbated to the thumping beat as she looked seductively into the camera. Having seen a number of solid performances from her in recent months, I was sure she’d be putting on a solid show herself, the slow way she teased while looking at the camera providing the initial evidence of this fact. Mark Ashley was her partner and he seemed quite intent on orally getting her in the mood, sucking her pussy and ass with some spanking to spark things up a bit. Her muscle tone on that fine little ass of hers was really nice, his cock penetrating the pussy to show the rippling effect minimal as she bounced on his rod. She rode him actively during the scene and her blowjob (with PTM) was well done too. While she did not do anal here, it was still a fine scene that ended when she begged, and received, a healthy load of population pudding to her open mouth (she did so quite eagerly too).

Scene 3: Rebeca Linares, a lean little Latina that has been in scores of anal movies of late, was up next as she teased the camera in a brightly lit atrium wearing only her frilly panties, stockings, and some stripper shoes. One of her trademarks is the innocent look she projects, though people that watch her know exactly why she’s perfect in any debauchery movie. She also got to work with Mark Ashley, the staple meat puppet of the show, and he displayed her perky little pussy and ass with a sense of amazement; rubbing her to prepare her for the action before drilling and eating her briefly. She was loud and her heavy Spanish accent offered something new to enjoy as his large member pounded her so hard that she lost herself in the motion. It was not her most active ride at first but she sprang to life towards the end of the scene, impaling herself on his cock, doing some PTM, and actually forgoing the usual anal she has become known for. As I’ve said numerous times in the past, I don’t need anal to enjoy a scene and she showed exactly why this should be so for most of you with her driven performance; ending it with a huge facial that coated her pretty face nicely.

Scene 4: Chelsie Rae, one of the cutest gals in porn these days, was up next as she masturbated to a porn magazine wearing her glasses and coed style clothing. Her appeal to me includes how much she resembles the retired Alexa Rae (perhaps being her younger sister) but even absent any family connection to the former Wicked Pictures contract gal, the gal has it going on. Mark Ashley walked in on her and she seemed a little taken aback but he put her at ease with some kind words and even kinder manual manipulations of her pussy, whipping out his massive member to impress her with as she asked to kiss it. The oral had a different dynamic to it, as though she were savoring the cock for personal reasons instead of just giving a great performance. Those who actually watch porn rather than speed through it will know exactly what I mean as she interjected some of the freshness factor that many of the admittedly more extreme gals don’t typically display in their scenes. He ate her after she blew him and they were soon bumping uglies like long lost lovers, Mark going as close to balls deep as she could handle. She was quite loud and her physiological reactions to his thrusting in and out of her pussy were undeniable as she appeared to get off at least a couple of times. When she was on top, she took the huge cock really well as it stretched out her perfect pussy, the vocals indicating exactly when he got her just right as a result. By the end of the scene, she had alternated between oral and vaginal several times, drinking his semen out of a large martini glass to prove she could be a « good whore » and swallowed it down without hesitation. Yes!

Scene 5: Jamie Elle, another gal that has the cute angle covered extremely well, was up next as she stripped while the camera scanned her body, her newly lightened hair appealing nearly as much as her very fresh pussy as she masturbated to the music. I would have liked to have heard the vocals too but her girlish voice wasn’t needed to make the scene open strongly, Mark Ashley jumping in to tongue her ass and pussy to prepare it for what he was about to do. Like Rebeca, she traded on her innocent look with the kind of thrill of enjoying anal after her pussy was torn into by his ravaging cock. Her vocals enhanced the moment for me and while I would have preferred she more actively rode his cock in the multiple positions they screwed, the chair portion was sweet (her sitting in a chair while her lovely ass cheeks stuck out over it for him to bone). She did some great oral out of her ass (ATM) and he almost lost it a couple of times before she eventually swallowed his load up with a flair. Whew!

Scene 6: Paulina James, another lean brunette newcomer making a name for herself, was up last as she masturbated in pink panties in the living room setting. Her perfectly proportioned figure looked inviting and the opening montage was as good as any of the others with the way it was edited to show just the right amount of time per body part as she teased and masturbated. She also got to work with the large clear toy, using it on her pussy instead of her ass before Mark Ashley started inhaling her juices straight from the tap. She did over act a bit as he did so and the camera got a bit too close, a bit too often but she was turned on by the looks of it and the reciprocal head enhanced the scene substantially (the handjob was great too). He was a lot to handle for her and the farting noises showed that he was pushing her innards a lot more than some of the more experienced gals, the vaginal work sufficing for this reviewer as a solid bit of work. She took the ending facial well and it was a good closer for the movie even if not the hottest scene of the flick.

Angels of Debauchery Vol.7

Scene 1: Maya Hills, the exotic blond anal princess, was up first as she teased during a musical montage in her skimpy undies. She’s been hit or miss with me more than usual of late but I still think Jonni brings out some of her best work so I kicked back to watch, finding out she was in her zone the entire time. The masturbation led to Mark Ashley going down on her, successfully getting her interested in offering the best she could and it wasn’t long before he was penetrating her sweet box with his pecker. That was followed by him rimming her and her inhaling his cock aggressively; more active riding and a 69 also elevating the heat of the scene. He coated her lower face with population pudding to finish off but she continued doing some post coital sucking all the same, making it a fine opener for the show. Yum!

Scene 2: Cassidey, a brunette wild child originally under contract with Vivid, was up next as she seductively teased in front of a mirror in her undies. She’s another lady that is not always consistently hot but manages to make it worth my while to see what she’s got when she’s in a show. Her tease was better than her contract days and the use of a glass toy had me drooling but she was more interested in studly Marco Banderas who came up behind her with a full erection so the toy was discarded in favor of the real thing. Her hummer was messy but fun and she was very active at riding him vaginally when she was on top of his lap (even doing ample PTM). Pumping her hips as though she was doing the fucking, she continued this dynamic to his delight, the sweaty duo getting into one another with a lot of chemistry. The amount of enjoyable stroke material here was probably more than her last few movies put together and the scene ended when he gave her the glazed look with a healthy sized load to her face. Nice!

Scene 3: Carmella Bing, the curvy brunette on the front cover, was up next as she put her American Indian look to the test during the tease in the living room. The droning music was the same and fans of big titties will undoubtedly appreciate her having fun with the camera, though the bruises on her put me off a bit. He partners for the scene were Jenner and Marco Banderas; both men coming over to her for some knob slobbing and Carmella complying with their wishes. This was another messy hummer session and the men eventually took turns pumping away but she lacked the focus to be as active as she can be when doing just one guy at a time. The titty fucking and oral were more responsible for the wads of semen she took to her chest but the limited vaginal screwing sure didn’t hurt either, it just wasn’t the main thing working for her this one time.

Scene 4: Carmen McCarthy, a super sexy gal with a beautiful face and smoking hot body, was up next to reveal the kind of package so many of you will adore; her titties swollen in anticipation and her seductive “girl next door” looks making her a potential star. Her panties did little to hide her camel toe and the masturbation portion of the tease was enough to make me want to see a lot more of her. She was lucky enough to score Mark Ashley as a partner and he went right to work on her; eating her out enthusiastically as she rubbed herself. They initially skipped the blowjob for him to sample her tight, moist pussy but she did some fine PTM once it was coated in her juices (and not just the lube needed to get her rolling). That resulted in a titty pop and I know one thing for sure, I can’t wait for the day when she is at full capacity, rocking the cock like she owns it.

Scene 5: Misti Love, a busty black gal with light colored skin and a body built for comfort over speed, was up last and having already watched her bonus BJ in the extras section, I knew she’d be a lot of fun to watch in a full scene with well endowed Chris Charming. The tease was again a lot of fun (tease footage is almost always a strong point for Jonni’s movies) and she took charge of his cock after that as she jerked him off by the stairs to get his undivided attention. Misti took her time as she slobbed his knob, someone’s cell phone going off in the background IIRC, with the gal getting friskier as the scene continued. Her oral was delightful to watch and I saw it a few times before writing this review up, her body impressing me as the type I like nearly as much as the oral aptitude she possessed. The titty fucking and vaginal sex were also a lot of fun, had each gal been as impressive here, the rating would have gone up a full rating. Chris lacked the rhythm to be the best choice to work with her but she never let me down and the resulting titty pop served her well. I hope to see more of her as well.



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