Angels of Debauchery Vol.4-5

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Angels of Debauchery Vol.4

Scene 1: Alexis Malone, Billy Glide & Mark Ashley
Alexis is a favorite of mine–with bright blonde hair, beautiful little tits, and an impressive ass. She’s fallen victim to that « loss of innocence » phenomenon that porn can inflict on the girls that join its ranks, but in some ways that has been to Alexis’ benefit. She’s dressed with a slutty suggestion of a bridal gown–complete with white sheer stockings, a white garter, white heels, and a veil. She starts in a limo, and is thrown out, presumably by her recently married husband, only to be picked up by a red mustang that’s following them. Next thing we know, Alexis is being groped and kissed by two bad boys and it pretty much turns into a fairly average porno fuck-fest. All the usual acts are presented here, along with a couple unusual ones. One of them comes when Mark Ashley fucks Alexis’ pussy with a champagne bottle, and a little later, three of Alexis’ pearl (well, fake pearl, I’m sure) bracelets get stuffed into her pussy and she’s fingered to an alleged orgasm. Although this certainly receieves some points for originality, the action here, along with the hard, somewhat impersonal sex-stylings puts me more in the mindset of unmotivated circus acts and less in the mindset of real sexuality–even if the crazy stuff was all for Alexis’ benefit.

Scene 2: Kylie Wild & Mark Ashley
Kylie is a very cute blonde with an almost kid-like smile that I have to admit–does it for me.  This is my first exposure to her, although she’s already made the Jules Jordan rounds at Evil Angel.  She’s dressed in a black fishnet top, some day-glow pink panties and a matching pair of stockings, and all but the stockings are removed by the time the scene is over.  Although this isn’t the raciest scene on the disc, Kylie is quite beautiful, and there are some killer camera angles in this scene.  She’s shown off to exquisite effect, and the sex is certainly hot enough to satisfy me.  They go through the normal round of positions, including some pussy licking, cock sucking, and some exquisitely shot pussy fucking from lots of angles and several positions before Mark sets up to cum on Kylie’s chin and mouth.  I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I really liked this scene, and once again, the eye-candy and angles alone are well worth the screen time.

Scene 3: Eva Angelina & Mark Ashley
Eva Angelina has come a long way since her breakthrough performance in Shane’s World College Invasion #2.  She has a new pair of enhanced breasts, she’s lost her crazy nipple piercings, but she’s still just as sexually expressive as ever.  Eva has a somewhat unusual way about her, and although I don’t find her the most mind-blowingly stunning girl in porn, she’s certainly very attractive, and is anything but boring to watch.  This scene is pretty cut and dry for the most part.  We get Eva with some extended camera tease while the Darkko-esque techno music plays, and Mark Ashley arrives to give her a good fuck.  She gets that in several positions without anal, and he finishes off with a little titty fucking, and a pretty nice popshot to her face.  There’s not alot that distinguishes this scene from most other high quality all-sex fair, except of course, Darkko’s exquisite camera work.  It’s a good scene, but for me, it lacked that something special.

Scene 4: Jasmine Byrne & Mark Ashley
As I just got done saying in my review for Hellcats #7, Jasmine is damned beautiful.  I mean–no foolin’.  She’s certainly lookin’ great here too, and save a  pair of black stiletto heels, she ends up mostly naked throughout the scene.  Once again, that lucky bastard Mark Ashley is on hand to provide the meat, and he gives his usual good performance.  Jasmine teases for a while, and after Mark gets there she sucks and he licks, and then he pulls out a glass anal dildo to warm up her back door with.  This is really great footage that harkens back to Darkko’s Anal Trainer days, although at times I’m not a fan of the rapid pistoning fashion with which Mark wields the thing.  At any rate the fucking isn’t long in coming, and while there’s a bit of vaginal sex, most of the rest of the scene is Jasmine taking it up the ass in various positions.  As usual the camera work is stellar, and the sexual performances are very good.  There’s a yummy stint of throat-thrusting and cock-gagging before Mark unloads over top of Jasmin’s mouth.  He misses the target a bit, which is unlike Mark, but it’s still a plenty good closer to a great lookin’ anal scene.

Scene 5: Delilah Strong, Robert Rosenburg & Steve Taylor
Delilah is a pretty brunette with a great body, a few tattoos, and a cum hungry attitude.  She really is quite attractive, and is wearing a black skirt, some high-heeled, clear plastic porn sandals, a studded collar and a great pair of black fishnets.  She holds up a cardboard sign by the roadside expressing her hunger, and her willingness to « work for cum ».  Two guys passing along in their car take her up on the offer and soon have her cleaning their house while they watch.  Not long after she starts, their dicks are out and Delilah is busy sucking on them.  This scene demonstrates some really nice energy, and although a bit on the impersonal side at times, how personal can you get when you have two guys servicing a girl who’s begging for cum?  At any rate, she gets fucked in her pussy in lots of positions, there’s some great, drool happy sloppiness with the blowjobs that I particularly liked, and after a respectable workout, both guys manage to squeeze out not one, but two decent sized cumshots on Delilah’s eager face.  This is a high energy, fluid-happy scene, and I really enjoyed it.  Delilah looks great, and the guys do a great job giving her what she asked for.  I wish that the initial context of the scene (working for cum, cleaning the house, and the accompanying dialogue) was taken a bit further. As it is with the other scenes on the disc, once the fucking starts, it all seems to become a bit old hat. This was certainly the most interesting scene for me though, and I say it all the time, but the main reason for that was that it had a context–and a naughty

Angels of Debauchery Vol.5

Scene 1: Alektra Blue and Jamie Huxley, a couple of brunettes with lean, all natural bodies, started off the show by giving the camera some lesbian action in their mesh outfits. The droning music was distracting but the living room provided the perfect backdrop for the tongue workout they gave each other, licking breasts, pussies, and kissing as though they were getting into it a lot more than most in porn would. There was rimming and lots more tease going on before the glass dildo came into play and Mark Ashley walked over with his erect meat pipe at full alert. This led to the gals double teaming his shaft with plenty of vigor and passion, almost fighting over it at times while they spit, jerked, and otherwise appreciated his offering to them. He then took turns screwing their pussies, with a moderately active ride by the ladies as he went from one to the other (with some oral by him). There was some taste testing and anal with ATM as well but the clearly dominant sex act was easily the oral and vaginal stuff. The scene ended when Jamie jerked him off into her mouth and the gals swapped it back and forth a few times before swallowing it down whole. In all, it was a good way to start the movie.

Scene 2: Hillary Scott, the blonde gonzo gal that has been in more porn recently than almost anyone else, provided some tease footage in a white fishnet outfit that complimented her body nicely. This was another case where the music did a disservice to the visuals but after turning it down, I found her gyrations to be very eye pleasing indeed. Her partners for the scene were Marco Banderas/Duato, Joey Lawford, and Will Powers, with Joey and Will getting sloppy blowjobs from her before Marco tore into her ass in the cavernous room. He was having a great time and her vocals added to the fun this time as she screamed out loud about the way he was filling her tiny asshole with his large cock. He did use a large black anal plug on her while he went to her mouth with his cock but it seemed like she was ready to take him enthusiastically in any hole here. She was an excellent rider of cock and ended the scene by jerking him off in her mouth, not caring about how messed up her make up got.

Scene 3: Jasmine Tame, one of the most promising newcomers in porn of late, was up next in her purple lingerie and garish make up by the window. I’ll never get used to those implant scars of hers (the thick, under the breast style) but otherwise, she was a doll. The fact that she was so good during the tease and the editing enhanced it was almost secondary though as she did just about anything you could ask for to warm up; including fingering her ass to a discothèque-styled song. The scene abruptly changed gears though and she was then in a blindfold while Jenner diddled her with his hand. He also went down on her and she returned the favor, though his tiny dick wasn’t much of a challenge for her to work. They then went to work screwing in both her pussy and ass but it wasn’t a very energetic ride most of the time (she got better as the scene progressed though) with her making little noises as he poked her holes. It ended when she jerked him off to her face, swallowing the tiny load easily.

Scene 4: Dasani Lezian, was something of a treat with her powerful legs, firm and rounded ass, and seductive look as she showcased her body before the camera in the open living room. She really didn’t get to masturbate much before Mark Ashley walked in to start the real action, sucking her crotch as though he were on the bonus plan. He then drilled her while she sat in a chair, changing positions a few times before finding the one that worked best for her; a cowgirl romp that allowed her to pump up and down on him like crazy. I loved watching her ass bounce on his shaft as much for how aggressive she was as for the sheer enjoyment she seemed to derive off of him. She had a few extra pounds but they looked good on her, proving her all natural body was built for pleasure over anything else. It ended when she jerked him off onto her stomach.

Scene 5: Naomi, a gal that has come out of nowhere in recent months to win over a lot of fans, was up last and I could see why she was chosen for the front DVD cover. Her heart shaped ass, playful demeanor, and great set of moves all added up to the primary reason for picking up this admittedly good DVD. Her partner was Mark Ashley and he seemed overwhelmed at the chance to work with this hotty as he sucked her ass and felt her up before hammering away at her pussy. She did some PTM (pussy to mouth) but there was a wipe so it was kind of like cheating though few would argue that she was anything less than skilled in the art of milking a cock. The oral proved to be worthy of her potential and her active riding skills were a treat to behold. She didn’t do anal (she has only been in a couple of anal scenes so far) but it was a great way to end the show given her skills and looks (the pussy fart took my by surprise though). Watching her round ass move around while she’s getting tapped in the pussy is always a good thing to behold and the fact that he jerked out his load to her ass cheeks wasn’t a problem for me. Whew!



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