Taboo Diaries Vol.13

Submitted on: 29 Déc 17

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Taboo Diaries Vol.13

Mothers and nieces who break all the rules! Witness wild excerpts from the twisted tales of their lives!

Kendra Heart – Recently life took some crazy turns that even I barely believe. Last week my parents went out of town and Uncle Jay was house sitting. Before he arrived, I was snooping in Mom’s room and found her diary. A few pages in, I discovered my Dad was shooting blanks, so Uncle Jay knocked my mom up. I was very upset but also turned on. Uncle Jay walked in and saw what I was doing, he was shocked. After we talked a bit, it became apparent he was turned on too. I took his cock deep in my throat and got him really heard. I rode his cock ’til I came really hard, then he took control. He pounded my tight pussy like never before and exploded all over my bush. I’m so glad I read Mommy’s diary, it’s really opened my thighs

Camile Black – My first few days home after Stepdaddy sent me to rehab were pretty uneventful. One morning was in my sister’s room because I had no desk yet. He walked in and sat down on the bed to talk to me. After a few minutes it became totally clear what he really wanted though. After all these months I was pretty horny too so I played along. Within a few minutes I had his cock in my mouth and the rest is history. I sat on his face and sucked his cock while he made me cum with his tongue. Soon as he did I straddled his cock and rode him hard. Stepdaddy came deep inside me in no time flat, I I think he missed me a lot. Let’s hope I don’t get pregnant though, he might send me away again.

Bunny Hughes – After my eighteenth birth I let Stepdaddy know how I feel about him…and he let me know how much he liked my pussy. However, he bought a new motorcycle recently and he’s started paying less attention to me. Given the way he makes me feel when we’re together, I can’t be having that. Needless to say, after Mom left yesterday morning I went out to the garage where he was cleaning his bike. I started teasing him and next thing I know I’m on top of him on the hog. He and I fucked all over his bike and even set off the alarm so we moved to the pool table. I rode his balls deep until I came again and he laid me on my back. He fucked me until he exploded all over my tummy. Guess we know who cums first in this family now!



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