Taboo Diaries Vol.10

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Taboo Diaries Vol.10

Taboo Diaries Vol. 10

Bambi Brooks

Dear Daddy: I know I can’t tell you this so I thought I’d write it down. These feelings I keep getting when I think about you are getting so intense. I think about your cock sliding in my mouth slowly while you watch my every move. I can almost feel your cock throbbing in my mouth as it gets hard. The urges overpower me and I straddle your hips sliding your cock into my tiny pussy. Ohh Daddy you feel so good inside me and I feel you cum inside me as I scream in ecstasy. Oh Daddy I want you so bad!!! I hope you understand your little girls needs. Love Bambi

Peyton Simmons

I came home from class early today to show Daddy my grades and when he saw the F he really got upset. He yelled at me and made me bend over his knee for a spanking. When he saw I wasn’t wearing panties he got even madder. He spanked my ass hard and it started turning me on. It wasn’t long before he was fondling my big tits. I sucked and licked his cock till it was wet and throbbing. I got on Daddy’s lap and rode his cock. Then Daddy bent me over the couch and fucked me good…. Until he came inside me. I hope I don’t get pregnant.

Esmi Lee

My affair with daddy has gone on for months and lately I’ve been having some urges to get pregnant. The other day I ambushed Daddy on the couch. He was a bit shocked at how brazenly but his cock got hard quick. I pulled it out and deep-throated him for awhile. I stripped and straddle him impaling myself on is cock. It felt so good in my pussy I rode him for quite awhile until I had to feel his cum inside me. I rode his cock hard and fast begging him to cum in me till he exploded and filled my pussy with his seed…. That might do the trick.

Product Information

Length: 1 hrs. 31 mins.
Rating: XXX
Released: Jun 16 2016
Production Year: 2016
Studio: Desperate Pleasures


Bambi Brooks
Payton Simmons
Esmi Lee,,,,,,,



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