Sisters Of Anarchy

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Sisters Of Anarchy

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Seth Gamble, Toni Ribas, Jessa Rhodes, Tommy Gunn, Ava Addams, Steven St. Croix, Dana DeArmond, Evan Stone, Alektra Blue, Dahlia Sky, Karlo Karrera, Marco Banderas, Tony Martinez, Nadia Styles, Prince Yahshua, Bonnie Rotten, Misty Stone


A Digital Playground original series! Jackie, played by Bonnie Rotten, is the leader of the Sisters Of Anarchy motorcycle gang who operate in the heart of Briarhaven, California. She has to deal with some difficult decisions involving her club’s future ever since ex-gang member, Adam, exchanged information with the feds. Now the district attorney is pining on Adam’s testimony to ensure her spot as governor. Every decision Jackie will make will affect her family, friends and rival gangs. In order to protect her hometown and the SOA, Jackie must do what’s needed, even if it means screwing people, left and right!

Scene 1. Bonnie Rotten, Seth Gamble – Appetite for Destruction: Bonnie Rotten, was up first hooking up with Seth Gamble. The tattooed brunette quickly established her motivation for revenge, the biker chick wearing her colors as she left a friend’s gravesite to protect her family. She was wearing a skintight camo top and skimpy blue jean booty shorts as she confronted Seth, the two all over each other sexually on the flowered couch though he was naked first. Bonnie put a lot of energy into her blowjob, the messy hummer including some hand to gland friction and true throating before he gobbled her gash on the coffee table well enough to start her orgasmic pleasure. She bore a tight pubic patch as he pounded her, Bonnie responding with waves of drenching juices as she squirted up a storm, more oral provided with her usual enthusiasm before they moved from vaginal to anal exploration. Lean Bonnie looked smoking hot in any of her positions but the tight lass looked best bending over, her perky ass swallowing his manhood as she gave him more liquid love, soon draining his dragon of semen that he launched into her mouth. Bonnie rubbed out one more and swallowed much of his sperm, leaving a satisfied Seth

Scene 2. Ava Addams, Toni Ribas – Mother Knows Best: Ava Adams, a curvy brunette bombshell as sexually amazing as any of her MILF peers, was up next in the bordello with Toni Ribas. His accent was amusing given the role and the exposition courtesy of their banter seemed forced but both of them had some chemistry together as they finished business to get down to some fun. She wore an animal print crop top that barely covered her sizable boobs, her denim skirt larger than Bonnie’s but showing off her ample legs and sweet ass just fine. They kissed and she knelt down to slob his knob, her eye contact superior as she first teased and then tore into inhaling his turgid pecker, some attention given to his balls and a titty fuck leading to a display of her flexibility as he positioned her in a pile drive to munch her neatly trimmed beaver as she jerked him off. While she wasn’t as active a rider at first, she was soon impaling herself soundly and doing some inspirational taste testing before the creampie ending slid out of her and she provided some post coital head.

Scene 3. Jessa Rhodes, Tommy Gunn – Making It Right: Jessa Rhodes, a perky blond newcomer with a very lean physique, was up next with Tommy Gunn. He played a loser with big plans but she was sent to give the old man a slice of reality, her fishnet stocking covered legs looking thinner even if her amazing eyes sparkled with her smile. She was half undressed when he went from pawing her tiny tits to helping lower her to her knees for an active blowjob, Jessa using her hand as much as her mouth (maybe more) to ready him for some penetration. He gave very little head in return but she propped her leg up for a great shot of some standing doggy where he choked her as he planted his pecker inside her juicy snatch. The tryst ended with him busting a nut on her crotch and Jessa then driving off, his understanding of his situation leading to rather drastic measures.

Scene 4. Ava Addams, Steven St. Croix – What the Heart Wants: Ava Addams, back in her denim heavy attire but wearing pants, was then given a side plot to chat with sickly Stephen St. Croix, his health in decline so she decided to boost his spirits. She climbed into his lap as he drank and the scene faded from the backyard to a generic bed, her sweet tits out for him to suck though he spent far more time going down on her as she spread her legs wide to accommodate his lust for orally pleasuring her. They did show some chemistry and he savored the entire pussy slowly, surrounding the entire area with attention as she admittedly overacted a bit on how great it worked on her. This led to more breast play and she blew him before the two engaged each other in a 69, her active vaginal riding taking place right away instead of building up, She shook her hips and bounced on him to get every last bit inside her cookie, the majority of positions centering on cowgirl variations before the doggy and rapid fire missionary pounding pushed him over the edge to plaster her torso with his seed, her eye contact again superior right up until the ending.

Scene 5. Dana DeArmond, Evan Stone – Sweetening the Pot: Dana DeArmond was up next with Evan Stone in a jail house scene. As the local district attorney, she needed his testimony to put the rest of the gang away, his willingness to comply enhanced by her sweetening the deal with a sexual tryst. He was looking appropriately rough and she had made arrangements for the guards to leave them alone, her conservative dress falling away quickly as she ended up in some sheer blue panties as she gave him exactly what he wanted from her. Dana eased down to tease him with her oral skills, her desire to lick his balls and jerk him off as she gazed up at the man, perhaps the friendliest DA toward a biker dude in memory. Her sloppy head continued and she spit on him a lot, Evan bending her over for some vaginal love before he turned her over to munch her rug, the confines of the jail cell not allowing the best camera angles other than extreme close up. He fingered her as well and they did some 69 before boning again, Dana actively pushing back to meet his thrusts and taste testing him before he tossed off on her stomach, kissing her mouth despite his sperm dangling from it until she pulled away.

Scene 6. Alektra Blue, Bonnie Rotten, Dahlia Sky, Karlo Karrera, Marco Banderas, Tony Martinez – A Hard Bargain: Alektra Blue, Bonnie Rotten, Bailey “Dahlia Sky” Blue, Tony Martinez, Karlo Karrera, and Marco Banderas were up next in an orgy scene in the strip club. The negotiations were a bit stilted in two separate transactions but at least the strip club portion had a bunch more free eye candy bouncing around the poles. After another leap in logic during the feature elements, the gals took the initiative to pair up with the men, Bonnie tackling Karlo (the two club presidents), while Marco and Alektra got busy and Bailey jumped Tony in the background. There was a lot of oral by the ladies with requisite handjobs, Bonnie moving quickly into getting plowed in her perfect pucker while her friends bounced vaginally as she saluted them with her fluid fireworks on the center of the red couch. Alektra did jam four fingers in Bonnie’s biscuit as Karlo tore up Bonnie’s ass, Karlo allowed access to Alektra as Bonnie blew Marco with a lot of old white men and strippers hanging around watching the six of them. Marco delivered a pop to Bonnie’s face and another facial soon after, the other men following suit with a single nut shared by the ladies as the scene faded out.

Scene 7. Nadia Styles, Prince Yahshua – Some Strange: Nadia Styles, the curvy hotty, was up next in bed with Prince Yahshua at the bordello, an offering as part of the expansive deal made earlier to keep the peace in the scene. Nadia was dressed in sexy animal print lingerie and black stockings, her sexual aggressiveness appreciated by the big black stud as she began slobbing his knob in earnest. While Nadia focused most of her efforts on sucking the top third of his turgid pecker, she licked the rest of his shaft, stroked it, and sucked his balls before he licked her to start porking her pussy. She kept good eye contact and provided a stream of dirty talk, the gal applying more hand to gland friction as a break much like her additional oral antics. They then resumed boning until he unleashed his manly fluids into her open mouth, Nadia enjoying them a great deal.

Scene 8. Bonnie Rotten, Misty Stone – Wiping the Slate Clean: Misty Stone, a fetching black beauty with an all natural body and easily one of the most attractive faces in the entire industry, then ended the sex for the series in a tryst with Bonnie Rotten in a scene. Misty sucked Bonnie’s tits on the large “yin/yang” couch (it looked really cool), the modern décor certainly fulfilling the stereotype of a bordello as the ladies made out. The kissing and caressing led to them eating each other out and the use of fingers, Misty extremely expressive as Bonnie worked her over just like Bonnie, the reigning “dame of drench” in squirting circles, gave up the gal gush in copious quantities when rubbed the right way and stimulated by candle wax. There was some apparent chemistry and a good deal of energy, the happy ending for the movie laid in the hands of Jessa “wiping the slate clean” of a major menace to society.


Title: Sisters of Anarchy
Studio: Digital Playground
Release Date: 2014
Director: Bonnie Rotten
Tags: Plot.Oriented Spoof Parody Award.Winner Biker.Chicks Hardcore Lesbian Girl.On.Girl Brunette Big.Tits Natural.Tits Implants Tattoo Squirting Cum.In.Mouth Masturbation Oral Cunnilingus Blowjob BJ Undressing Disrobing Missionary Perpendicular Cowgirl Doggy Spooning Living.Room Creampie Internal Tit.Fucking Finger.Fucking TIt.Sucking Bedroom Blonde Face.Fucking Garage 69 Sixty.Nine Ball.Sucking Prison Jail Orgy Group Anal Vaginal.Sex Party Club Shaved Bald Hot.Wax Cuddling Caressing Tribbing Scissoring

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