Private Film 01 – Anal Academy

Submitted on: 05 Mar 17

Category: Films (DDL) (⊗ -18 ans),Hairy,Lesbian,Pornstars,Teen,Vintage

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Private Film 1 – Anal Academy

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Directors: Steve Perry, Frank Thring
Stars: Touri Borissenko, Tabatha Cash, Vanessa D’Angely

The headmaster of a small British public school for girls is outraged at his six pupils’ outrageous behaviour. They flirt with the groundsman, the male staff and even among each other. He hires a new French mistress (Tabatha Cash) who misconstrues his instructions and sympathises with the girls’ plight. They arrange a ruse: drugged coffee. While the head teacher is asleep in the staff room an anal orgy takes place around him and incriminating photographs are taken. Teachers and staff end up happy, with the partner of his or her dreams. … y.avi.html
or … cademy.avi
or … y.avi.html



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