Orgies in KTEP Thessaloniki

Submitted on: 26 Fév 17

Category: Films (DDL) (⊗ -18 ans),Lesbian,Pornstars,Teen

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Orgies in KTEP Thessaloniki

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In a bus line « Thessaloniki – Athens » created panic in passengers, when two playful girlfriends boarded it and after a while began their erotic game with three strange men. All this happened in front of other passengers’ eyes, while some moment the driver was forced to stop the bus on the highway, to demand an explanation. The result was the bus delay to reach its destination 3 whole hours.
The story that we describe could be a real scandal, but in fact the new super-production of SCANDAL Sirina and passengers, protagonists! The truth is that this film will be discussed for a long time … … s.avi.html



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