My daughters friend

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My daughters friend

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The story unfolds in a confluent family has its own problems and of course its own deep-rooted secrets! The protagonists of the story is Nick the IRS, his wife Maya, their daughter Electra, 2 young boys who are family neighbors, Nikoleta an Italian friend Voula Zafiris, the family doctor and the taxman friend father.

The Maya are not happy with her life after her marriage to Nick trouble and sex is nonexistent in their relationship. On the other, the best friend of Maya, Electra, trying to lure to obtain the life of a little « spice » so call two beautiful young boys to … renewed. Meanwhile, Nick has fantasies with beauty friend disorderly daughter and the story is just beginning!

Stars: Nicole Romano, Voula Vavatsika, Ian Scott, Electra, Nick, Anthony … d.avi.html



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