Inked Angels Vol.1-5

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Inked Angels Vol.1

Scene One: Juelz Ventura, the perky lady with the sweet ass and arm tattoo seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up first with Mr. Pete. She began by parading around in some tight black booty shorts and a pink and black camisole top, her knowing smile as she bent over on the white couch to give the director an awesome look at her juicy ass just the icing on the cake. She caressed herself slowly and engaged the director in some dialogue, giving some background on her ink collection before masturbating with a medium sized pink vibrator to stretch her ass. Pete assisted her and she tasted it clean, the guy rimming her before she aggressively slobbed his knob, titty fucked him, and sat on his face so he could gobble her gash. That led to some active vaginal riding and ass slapping, Juelz impaling herself as she panted in heated fashion while bouncing on his pecker. From there he tapped her ass, Juelz practically begging for him to pork her precious pucker, the couple reverting to vaginal after lots of taste testing so he could deposit his wad of genetic juice all over her face (and in her mouth for swallowing). It was a fine opening scene full of fun factor fucking, her beautiful eyes looking at he camera like they had continually done with Pete during the scene.

Scene Two: Lolly Ink, the busty blond bombshell featured on the lower center of the front cover, and tasty brunette Romi Rain standing right beside her, were up next as they engaged in some sexy lesbian tease before Mr. Pete joined in. Romi wore red bikini undies under her black mesh body stocking while Lolly had on a purple dress with many openings, the slutty appeal of both scoring points right away. They caressed each other and kissed, slowly removing clothing as they gave ample boob play and other heated tricks, Pete coming up to rim Romi as the ladies kissed in prone position. He then fed Lolly his pecker for sucking as Romi went down on her bald beaver, her own shaven snatch the target of Lolly love moments afterwards. There was a decent degree of chemistry and energy here too, the enthusiasm certainly making the scene worthy of higher replay value, both ladies slobbing his knob before he took turns boning them like he owned them. Both ladies were active vaginal riders to the point where no anal was necessary for me to appreciate their skills, lots of oral and assisting each other throughout the scene leading to the inevitable load of population pudding bust all over Romi’s face for cumswapping with Lolly, Romi having graciously licked up the remains from Lolly’s crotch that missed the intended target.

Scene Three: Bonnie Rotten, the heavily tattooed brunette seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next and she was looking ready to fuck hard with scene partner Bill Bailey. Bonnie began dressed in black mesh stockings and a matching fetish dress with slashes all over it, her skirt riding high on her ass as she sat down to spread her legs to showcase her crotchless panties. She masturbated as she addressed the camera, using various super sized dildos and spit to warm up with as she talked to the director, removing her attire except for the stockings, leather studded framework as seen on the cover, and her impossibly tall high heels. She continued her interview while brandishing the dildos, moving from vaginal to anal before jerking off Bill and giving him a teasing amount of head. He then bent her over to give her a technical DP (his cock in her ass as she stuffed a large toy in her heavily shaven pussy), intermittent amounts of oral provided between positions including her slavishly sucking his balls. She continued to finger herself as he plowed both of her holes too, her boobs bouncing and her respiration rate elevated before he fed her a sizable nut of spunk to swallow, though she spit it out at the end onto her tits to massage in as the scene cut away (it was the last scene on the first disc).

Scene Four: Christy Mack, the exotic looking blond with the partially shaven head seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up next with Michael Vegas, her red camisole giving her frame an extra sexy look. Her large black bra held in her large implants and her red thong rode deep inside her splendid ass crack, the camera scanning and panning slowly as Christy displayed why she was a great choice to start off the second disc. She discussed her collection of ink with the director as he made an effort to capture most of her tattoos, some specific anecdotes leading her to the white couch to play with herself. Michael came up behind her as she rubbed one out, massaging her chest and grabbing her crotch before coming around to gobble her gash passionately (to her delight I might add). She had just a light triangle of pubic hair here, the warming up foreplay by him leading her to tear into her blowjob with some hand to gland action and throating, the gal mounting him actively to vaginally ride his turgid pecker. They continued porking her puffy pussy as her meaty labia tightly milked his seed, the baby batter soon coming forth as the juices flew noisily from her crotch, his splooge landing all over her face to glaze it nicely (the bulk of the semen falling onto her tits).

Scene Five: Angelina Valentine, the brunette sexual dynamo seen just to the left of center on the cover, was up last in a POV scene with director Kevin Moore, her recent scenes showing just how sexually aggressive she can be when she had as much chemistry as shown here. Angelina wore a short black coat over her sheer black lingerie as she smoked a cigarette in the house, her attitude coming forth from head to toe (she was also wearing pink heels). Her outfit crept nicely up her generously proportioned ass as she crawled around the wooden flooring, the heart shape of her derriere leaving an impression that she was ready to rumble. As the scene was shot in POV, she had more to do to keep it interesting and she did just that, grabbing at the director while they talked, his camera trying to capture as much of her ink as possible while still covering the basics. She rubbed on him seductively, Kevin pulling out his cock to get a booty massage as she pressed against him in doggy, her mouth then greedily engulfing him as she gave him a wonderfully sexy blowjob. As with the other scenes, the slutty appeal of the ink got them in the door but it was their skilled manner of working so well that kept the energy levels delightfully high, Angelina no exception to the rule as she had fun doing her charge. She was so good at it that I marveled at Kevin’s ability to hold out, the active vaginal as she impaled herself on his rod certainly pushing his limits, the bald beaver going balls deep. They moved around the modest house from there, the white couch to the bed, Angelina providing a lot of head and dirty talk to enhance the scene which ended when he tossed out a good round of ball batter all over her ass, Angelina giving him one last tour of her tattoos as her glazed ass shined with his juices.

Inked Angels Vol.2

Scene 1 – Skin Diamond: Curvy dark skinned Skin, rocking some dyed red hair, a pentagram shirt and a bunch of studded/spiked jewelry, shows off her body and flirts with the cameraman. She’s dangerous, she tells us. After a bit of that, she shows off some of her tattoos and talks about why she got them before he moves into the frame and they start making out. He holds her neck as she touches herself and then she drops to her knees and sucks his balls before deep throating him with her hands behind her back. After some sloppy head she bends over in front of him and he fucks her up the ass. She gets pretty into this and it’s fairly intense, sexy stuff as he pulls her hair and she calls him daddy. He chokes her a bit and from there he gets on his back and she rides him cowgirl style as he slaps her ass. From there she gets on her back and he fucks her up the ass while pinching her pussy and holding her ankles up to her ears. After that, it’s time for some anal reverse cowgirl with some more choking and slapping thrown in, then he fucks her pussy from behind while cramming a glass toy up her ass. She sucks the toy as he flips her onto her back and fucks her pussy again, and then she drops to her knees and strokes/sucks him to a big ol’ facial finish. Damn, Skin. Excellent work here. Great chemistry between the two and lots of fairly rough stuff that adds to the kink factor without ever heading into territory that some might find too off putting.

Scene 2 – Alby Rydes: Curvy, olive skinned, dark haired Alby has her hair shaved up pretty high on the sides and shows off her lovely body which, when we begin, is wrapped up in a fancy black dress. She teases us and then talks to the camera a bit about her tattoos. She shows off her big fake tits and her shapely ass and from there we move on into POV blowjob territory. She goes down and seems to dig it, sucking and slurping away like a champ and making lots of eye contact with the camera. From there she bends over on the couch and we get some POV doggy style action, her ass framed very nicely here, before moving onto cowgirl and then some missionary style action. We get some cowgirl action again, some great ass jiggling shots here, and then he pulls out and blows his load over her ass cheeks to finish the scene. If you’re a fan of Alby, you’ll dig this scene. Personally she’s had a bit too much surgery for this reviewer’s tastes but different strokes for different folks. She’s got sexy eyes and an ass that should have win some sort of medal and she performs with lots of enthusiasm here too. A pretty decent scene.

Scene 3 – Asphyxia Noir And Jessie Lee: Asphyxia and Jessie are up next, the scene starting off with blonde haired Jessie on the couch watching her friend strut her stuff a bit. They’re both wearing PVC outfits, fetish stuff, and raven haired Asphyxia has a collar on. If you like pale skinned girls with tattoos, step right up, this is about to get interesting. They show off their ink and talk to the camera, which seems to be pretty much obligatory here, and after that we see a bit of spanking. Asphyxia spreads her legs while Jessie busts out a Magic Wand on her pussy while the man of the hour holds her mouth open and fondles her. Jessie gets her pretty white pussy fucked from behind while Asphyxia plays with her hair and breasts, and then Asphyxia gets on her back so she can get fucked missionary style, Jessie using that Magic Wand on her friend’s clit to make her really moan and groan and squeal. From there, the ladies switch spots, Jessie now getting the wand on her wahoo, after which each girls gets a chance to ride some cock cowgirl style. From there we get more missionary play, lots of clit rubbing, and then a big facial finish with the girls taking a load across their collective faces. It would have been nice to see a bit more interplay between Asphyxia and Jessie as they look fucking great together, but even so, this is a hot scene. Good chemistry between all three performers, nice use of toys and enough switching up to keep things interesting and to keep them from getting too repetitive.

Scene 4 – Britney Shannon: Blonde, tanned Britney is up last, showing off her body and then talking about her tattoos. Her top comes off and she shows off her fake tits and more of her tattoos, before those panties come off and hey look, isn’t she well shaven. She smokes a bit and then plays with her pussy a bit on the couch as the camera lingers. Our dude comes in and checks her out before sticking his cock down her throat, she doesn’t seem to mind though. Lots of eye contact and shaft stroking to compliment that mouth, this works really nicely. He bends her over and fucks her from behind and then she rides him cowgirl style. From there they go at it missionary style and then she breaks for some pussy to mouth, once again doing a superlative job of sucking cock here. She climbs on top again, reverse cowgirl this time, and then he fucks her from behind one last time before pulling out and blowing a load onto her face ending the scene and the feature. The oral is the highlight here, Britney has definitely got a gift that she isn’t shy about sharing on camera. The rest of the sex is decent, not overdone, fairly natural feeling, just a bit on the vanilla side. That’s okay though – it works.

Inked Angels Vol.3

Scene One: Karmen Karma, the sexy young lady with the fantastic ass seen featured on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up first with Erik Everhard. Initially, she displayed a lot of her extensive body art, the closer the camera looked, the more detail made me want to see more of this beautiful living canvas. She was wearing a decidedly skimpy outfit consisting largely of black leather straps, Kevin interviewing her from behind the camera as he checked her out. Erik came in and started rimming her and gobbling her gash, the premier stud of the show pleasuring her at length before she slobbed his knob (and they tried a 69). She was an aggressive oralist to be sure, her eye contact and devotion to making his turgid pecker as hard as a rock to pound her making her stand out from some of the others. The duo engaged in various vaginal penetration positions during the tryst, the way she would grind her hips on one she favored or the way her face would light up at times speaking volumes about her getting off. I admit that watching her juicy ass bouncing around was mesmerizing too, their continued oral on each other sealing the deal before he eventually bust a nut of semen into her mouth for swallowing, the gal smiling over the pairing as her pretty eyes lit up.

Scene Two: Sarah Jessie, the skinny blond with large implants featured on the upper right corner of the cover, was up next in a relatively barren room applying her makeup, her tight black dress and pink panties barely covering much at all as she teased for the camera. She had some great artwork on her body and a bunch of silly bangles as well, the interview giving her a chance to show off for the director who loved her breasts. Mr. Pete came in to play with her boobs and she caressed him a bit too, the man peeling down her thong so he could access her small ass orally. He spanked her and sucked on her roast beef labia, making Jessie laugh and he worked her pretty pink pussy by hand and mouth until she blew him. She let the slobber flow as she gave him some head, rubbing his testicles as she took half his rod into her mouth but clearly showing she had the experience of a great many cocks in there over her career. There was a titty fuck and he gave her more head, drilling her passive pussy as she rapidly rubbed one out while trying other positions. He diddled her pussy to get her off before returning to her as a more active rider in some cowgirl action, the gal jerking him off as she massaged his nads to unleash his sperm onto her face and mouth.

Scene Three: Aimee Black and Sheena Rose, the fetching young ladies featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, were up next with each other and moper Clover. As there were two of them, the ladies took turns teasing and showing off their body parts, Aimee’s incredible ass selling it for me well before leaner redhead Sheena had a chance to shine. Their limited black attire couldn’t possibly cover their wealth of tattoos, Kevin again going out of his way to find some visually stimulating artwork that complimented the ladies rather than detracted from them. The posing and light caresses led to some lesbian oral, Clover joining them to give some head as all three serviced each other. He had some fancy artwork too though it was less varied in terms of colors, the ladies soon slobbing his knob and double teaming him aggressively before he took turns boning them. Aimee did vaginal only while Sheena opened her ass to the dude as well, each having their own strengths as they sucked him off, helped each other, or actively rode his bologna pony. It ended with the same degree of chemistry and heat it began with, both ladies kneeling while he blasted them with his seed for them to laugh at how much fun they had together.

Scene Four: Tori Avano, the amazing young fox on the upper left corner of the front cover with the stars on her boobs, was up last. I loved her panda tattoo for its simplicity and the flowers for their coloring, others making me want her to come over to my place for a better look here in Houston. Kevin wisely had her shaking her sexy ass to grab the viewer’s attention first, her minimalist outfit moved around to grant better looks as the tease continued. As I have been pointing out of late, for so scenes, this pretty spitfire has certainly been making an impact, my current policy being to look for as much of her work as possible for future award nomination potential, her degree of fun factor and skillful sexual antics combined with her looks to make a winner by any standards. Once the tease was finished, she was paired up with Mr. Pete in the modest home setting, the busty babe sprawled out on the bed as Pete dove into her pussy and ass from behind to enjoy her tastes. He also started warming up her perfect pucker so it came as no surprise that she did anal here, Pete working for it as he warmed her up for the penetrative action. Tori gave him an active blowjob before bouncing on his cock, her tight pussy followed by her even tighter ass as Pete porked her perfect pucker senseless. I loved how her juicy ass cheeks rippled when they fucked, muck like how her breasts moved around to their rhythms as well, Pete depositing his wad of sperm all over her face to finish up as she gave him some post coital head.

Inked Angels Vol.4

Scene One: Kleio Valentien, the heavily inked blond featured on the entire left side of the front cover, was up first, the Austin native usually associated with titles from Burning Angel, was up first as she teased at great length in the front driveway of the house. Her juicy ass and body wore a black dress, a g-string nestled nicely in her sweet crack before she moved into the front doorway where the director took long, slow scanning looks at her extensive ink collection. He then interviewed her to learn about specific tattoos. Around the 20 minute mark, Erik Everhard came into the picture to grab her boobs in the doorway, kissing her as his hand dropped down to diddle her cookie before he peeled her wet panties down so he could gobble her gash. Kleio continued rubbing herself as she knelt to slob his knob aggressively, applying some hand to gland friction before throating him, the couple trying a standing doggy vaginally before moving to the bed where her neatly trimmed pussy and dirty talk excited him further. Kleio was an active rider and as lean as she was, her ass looked sweet when she bent over to do more doggy, her cheeks rippling delightfully well, her nipples rock hard as she knelt for Erik to nut on her face with his round of semen drained from his dragon.

Scene Two: Bella Bellz, the unique looking lass with the splendid ass seen on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up next with Mr. Pete, her pronounced ass and massive amount of body ink putting her at the forefront of the inked angels crowd by far. This title will be her fourth released scene on DVD since she started in April, her skimpy green outfit not covering much as she posed for a lengthy tease session in the driveway. Her deep tan looked good and while the Atlanta native sported a haircut I admittedly hate (a Mohawk with shaved sides?!?), I’m sure the fanboys will fall all over themselves to say how cool it looks. That said, her ass was to die for, the neon green and jeweled thong disappearing between her curvy rump cheeks as she walked into the house to end up on the white couch with a darker green throw on it. She bounced her cheeks back and forth in a display of muscular control, the gal giving a tour of her ink before Pete dove into her ass to rim and finger her, some attention given her juicy slit as well as some spanking before her hummer was cut short so they could vaginally fuck. She let him do most of the work at first but became active when needed, pushing back to meet his thrusts and bouncing against him before blowing him some more. This led to Pete rimming her some more and fingering her precious pucker, easing his turgid cock into her ass as she rubbed herself to orgasm. She proved to be most active at anal riding when she was on top of him, the modified missionary and doggy milking his balls dry of sperm to completely glaze her face in manly fluids.

Scene Three: Alexis Malone, the blond on the top right corner of the front cover with a growing collection of arm tattoos and other ink, was up next and the senior female performer of the cast in her slit pink dress. While not the youngest or most inked, she certainly qualified for her role here though, her pink fishnet stockings and wonderfully open ass portion of the dress making her look better than ever as she came back to porn after another break. She followed the formula except that she teased inside, the explanation of her ink a bit less involved but Mr. Pete clearly adoring her as a former contemporary of hers. She sported a modest amount of pubic hair and her implants were admittedly on the large size for her frame, her eye contact superior throughout the scene as she engaged Pete orally and then in the penetrative positions. Her wisps of pubic hair were less pronounced when she was bouncing vaginally on his turgid pecker, her ass cheeks slapping against his lower abdomen when she was on top of him. This scene matched the first in terms of personal chemistry and was nearly as much fun, Alexis appreciating the wealth of seed he doused her face with.

Scene Four: Brook Ultra, the busty young hotty on the lower center of the front cover, was up last as she showed her ink collection in the musically infused tease inside the house, this being her fourth scene when this movie is officially released in a few weeks. She wore a black dress with a lot of slits in it to reveal her assets, her yummy ass and massive tits adding to her appeal as she handed off her leash and discussed her GG boobs (some initial confusion over them being GG or JJ). Her eclectic collection of ink came with some curious quotes, her love of pain, rough sex, and guns making the Floridian an interesting character to say the least. Given all that, it seemed like a natural pairing to put her with moper Clover, his legal troubles for drugs and spousal abuse well known in the industry at this writing. Brook showed her bruised ass when she crawled on the floor, the director handing her off to Clover so he could devour her bald beaver quickly and then get a blowjob, a titty fuck leading to some active but mechanical fucking in her pussy. She massaged his balls as she actively rode on top, some BDSM implements restricting her hands and feet behind her back as he pounded her on the white couch, Brook demanding he fuck her harder. He then walked over for an ending blowjob and jerked off on her face, as she looked at the camera, licking it before he released her.

Inked Angels Vol.5

Scene One: Darling Danika, the sexy newcomer featured on the lower middle of the front cover (with the delicious ass), was up first in her first major company scene in a tryst with lucky Xander Corvus. The scene started out with her posing in her skimpy black outfit with pink mesh half gloves in the driveway, the wealth of light pouring down on her illuminating her huge boobs and juicy ass as her one piece nestled deep inside her ass crack. While the music infused tease trumped the vocals at first, Kevin showed off her goodies as usual while taking ample time to explore some of her better tattoos, her smile making her seem more approachable. The tease continued without the music in the doorway, the lesser amount of light showing more contrast for her tattoos as Kevin interviewed her, the couple established a rapport even though she was set to work with Xander. Danika professed to be a pin up model for years, very interested in describing her art as the camera picked up her light tan lines just before her scene partner walked over. He kissed her and dug for buried treasure in her panties, savoring her nipples as she moaned in appreciation that he’d take the time to properly warm her up. Xander seemed particularly enthused with her sweet ass, going down on her at length before gobbling her gash and fingering her even though the newcomer was not going to do anal this time. He slapped her fleshy rump repeatedly and she then eased down to reciprocate, unfastening his pants to slob his turgid knob with a lot more skill than she built up over her limited porn career to date. Her eye contact was solid and she showed some fine energy as she licked his balls and throated him, some titty fucking included. They then moved further inside the home to vaginally fuck on the white couch, Xander tearing into the willing gal as her tight pussy clenched him tight in a series of penetrative positions, the bald beaver getting red and puffy over time. She was an active rider too which added to the replay value for me, some chemistry developing as the oral and vaginal tryst pushed him over the edge to drain his dragon of sperm, Xander beating off all over her upper torso before she gave him some post coital head. The company website described the scene like this: “Big-breasted bitch Darling Danika teases us, showing off her voluptuous, heavily tattooed figure. Lucky stud Xander Corvus spreads her plump ass cheeks, finger-fucks Danika’s juicy pussy and spanks her firm booty. Danika kneels to service his huge cock with her mouth, squeezing his hard shaft between her enormous, round hooters. Xander relentlessly pounds her bald cunt with his throbbing boner and splatters Danika’s mouth and chest with hot jizz.”

Scene Two: Lily Lane, the beautiful Burning Angel regular featured on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up next in one of her first dozen released scenes with curvy babe Dollie Darko, the New York native featured on the upper middle of the cover, and top grade stud Erik Everhard. The tease montage was more varied than the first scene this time, including a non linear set of clips including both ladies as well as them as individuals, the bulk of it shown right around the entryway to the home as their slutty outfits and facial expressions conveyed a wealth of information, some slow motion allowing longer glimpses of specific tattoos and lingering kisses between the ladies, some lighting effects added that I really didn’t;t care for though those were rare enough that they didn’t impact the rating. Both ladies were built for comfort over speed though no credible source would call them BBW’s, the two performing for the tease rather than simply enjoying each other though there were tiny smiles caught at times. The smoking hot sultry nature of their personalities were captured best during the interview with Kevin as he checked out their ink, both ladies suggesting they were “creepy” and “demented” though they seemed free spirits to me. Even though they both seemed to hate their first tattoos, tramp stamps that accentuated their glorious heart shaped asses, their attitudes were very positive overall. The ladies jumped all over each other on a small white love seat before Erik joined them, Kevin allowing them plenty of time to lick, munch, and stream dirty talk before aggressively sharing his raging erection. They throated the bulk of his cock in turns at first but were some all over his balls and cock to drive him crazy, stroking his shaft and devouring him before actively riding him vaginally. There was more oral by all three and the energy levels were amazing before they switched to doing anal, a lot of taste testing included as the trio became increasingly nasty, the ladies milking his balls dry with anal before his semen freely flowed on their welcoming mouths; the gals cum swapping and giving post coital head to prove Kevin’s theory. The company website described the scene like this: “Busty, bodacious, tattooed sluts Dollie Darko and Lily Lane show off their firm butts, shapely legs, huge tits and colorful, classically illustrated flesh. These sultry strippers lick one another’s sweet cunt until big-dicked Erik Everhard joins in for a nasty three-way. Dollie and Lily take turns slurping his enormous cock and getting their pussies pounded hard. Erik invades their tight rectums in a ferocious anal interlude; the girls enjoy ass-to-mouth flavor before sharing a messy, spermy kiss.”

Scene Three: Anna Bell Peaks, the big bosomed young newcomer with metallic red hair seen on the lower left corner of the cover, then tackled lucky Mr. Pete, her implants a bit too pronounced for my tastes though she seemed in command of them to impress Pete all the same. The tease/interview was quiet this time, no musical montage for me to turn down as the athletic young lady gave the director a closer look at her 27 tattoos. She seemed very confident in her conversation, her personality shining through even if he seemed a little more square this time. As Kevin zoomed in on her erect nipple through her pink top, he made his move to see her pierced tits which led to more discussion, the rebellious gal having some really pretty eyes as the director gave them more attention. Pete walked over and she lowered her top, his flaccid pecker revived by her superior oral skills as she throated him while he whispered ever so lightly to her, the blowjob and titty fucking getting him rock hard as her solid eye contact enhanced their encounter. This led to him diddling her bald beaver as he tore into it, the gal getting “incredibly wet” as he went balls deep inside of her in a variety of positions she found fulfilling. She was another that only did vaginal sex but her enjoyment of it was great and she threw herself into the action with enthusiasm, impaling herself on his modest rod before finishing him off by begging for his manly fluids, Pete relishing the chance to grant her wish by depositing his seed on her face without endless beating off. The company website described the scene like this: “Slender with huge, round boobs, red-haired punkette Anna Bell Peaks is well covered with gorgeous, intricate tattoos. Mr. Pete frees her giant knockers from her tight mini-dress, and Anna Bell drops to her knees to worship his stiff cock, sucking eagerly and squeezing his shaft between her tits. This skinny, busty slut takes him inside her shaved pussy and rides Pete’s thick, throbbing peter until he pulls out and spurts gooey love juice onto Anna Bell’s pretty face.”

Scene Four: Indigo Augustine, the fetching blond hotty featured on the upper right corner of the cover with the yummy ass and fine collection of body art, then finished things up with Jessy Jones. She wore a black fishnet body stocking on top of her black panties, her body art less colorful than many of her peers in the show but interesting just the same. Her fluffy ass and pouty lips were given a more traditional musical tease montage too, her g-string sunk deep in her ass crack as she slightly gyrated and gave icy stares at the camera, the gal leaning against the bar as Kevin interviewed her about her on again, off again career in porn. As she opened up about individual tattoos, she seemed happier and smiled more, Jessy walking in to admire her body (mostly her ass at first). She was scheduled to do anal and he knew it, his hands freely roaming all over her just as her hands did likewise to him. There did not seem to be nearly as much chemistry between the couple as she and Kevin had but they tackled the mechanical aspects well enough, her stroking his rod and blowing him showing some skill while his licking of her goodies getting her wet enough to fuck. While she was an active vaginal rider, she impressed me more by how good she was with his cock porking her pucker, the gal bouncing on him as her ass stretched wider proving her abilities have not waned since the last time I saw her in action. She also provided some heated dirty talk, her alabaster skin glowing in the living room as her puffy red pussy shined like a beacon it was still engorged with blood from the initial part of the tryst. She slobbed his knob out of her ass without hesitation too, moving back to vaginal to polish him off which meant she got on her knees to take the big facial. The company website described the scene like this: “In a fishnet mini-dress, pink stripper heels and a black thong, leggy blonde Indigo Augustine shows off her natural body and elaborate tattoos. This pale slut kneels to suck the huge cock of horny stud Jessy Jones, and soon she’s enveloping his shaft with her shaved cunt. Indigo’s tight is asshole reamed hard; she tastes her own flavor ass-to-mouth, and after her tender butthole has been thoroughly wrecked, she sticks out her tongue for a messy cum facial.”



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