ClubSeventeen Hairy Teens 7

Submitted on: 04 Nov 17

Category: Amateurs,Films (DDL) (⊗ -18 ans),Hairy,Lesbian,Teen

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ClubSeventeen Hairy Teens 7

Format: MP4
size: 1400 MB
Duration: 135 min.

It´s natural, fluffy, it tickles and you don´t see it much anymore… a hairy twat! In this 7 th edition of Hairy Teens we present you 7 scenes of cute girls with a full bush for bot your, and their enjoyment.

Release Date: 2013-11-23

3 Lesbian scenes, 3 masturbation scenes and one boy-girl scene.

Scene 1. Louise I, Masha. Lesbian action. They kiss each other, undress each other and lick each other’s pussies. Louise has a hairy pussy, Masha is shaved.
Scene 2. girl. She starts out by wearing just a pink top and pink panties. Quickly she takes them off and masturbates on the bed.
Scene 3. Macy (Iren B). She has a little picnic outside by the river. After she eats she takes her clothes off plays a little in the water, then plays with her pussy out of the water.
Scene 4. Lorrelai Gold, Arty. Straight fucking. They meet up outside and once inside they quickly take their clothes off and fuck on the couch.
Scene 5. girl, Judit. Lesbian action. They undress each other. Kiss each other and lick each other’s hairy pussies.
Scene 6. girl. She starts in just panties and a T-shirt and lotions up her legs, takes her clothes off and lotions up the rest of her body. Then she finishes up be masturbating on the couch.
Scene 7. Jess. Redhead Jess brushes her hair then quickly takes her clothes off and masturbates on her bed then puts her clothes back on.



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