Angels of Debauchery Vol.1-3

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Angels of Debauchery Vol.1

Lauren Phoenix & Mark Ashley — Lauren starts out with a great outfit: a lavender bra, matching garter belt and stockings, fur coat and heels.  This sexy wardrobe turns this beautiful blonde a knockout fit for more for an Andrew Blake shoot than an anal sex romp.  After a bit of tease, and a little play with a big pink buttplug, Mark enters the scene to help work the plug in deeper.  I like deviation from the standard oral/oral/sex formula, as Mark fucks Lauren in a semi-piledriver, giving the camera access to the coupling as well as both of their faces.  PTM and oral serves as a good transition to anal, which is captured with the same great camerawork as before.  Thanks to the slow build up of speed in the anal combined with Lauren’s dirty talk and obviously enjoyment, this is a great opening scene.  What seals the deal is the ending: an oral pop, followed by Mark having Lauren say that she’s a « dirty slut » and taking her to the shower, where she and her lingerie get nice and wet–wow!

Jennifer Luv, Alexis Malone & Mark Ashley — Cute beach bunnies Jennifer and Alexis are preparing a birthday cake for Mark–in their bras and panties.  After blowing out the candles, of course Mark wishes for the two to fuck the shit out of him, and this being a porno (and being half-naked already) they make his wish come true.  I love how there’s no hurry to get to the hardcore, as a few minutes are spent in honest-to-God foreplay, including kissing.  But even with this softer side, when the action starts, it’s no slouch… nothing says nasty like a double headed, drooling blowjob.  I also love the chair-squatting doggy and missionary positions as both girls make themselves available to the birthday boy.

Taylor Rain & Jack Lawrence — As you can see from the box cover, Taylor’s outfitted in a see-thru top, black fishnet stockings, and panties with « FUCK MY ASS… » scrawled across the seat.  That–and the police nightstick that she brandishes a few seconds later–pretty much sets the mood for this scene.  After seeing her tool scene in Flesh Hunter 5, I thought I’d seen the height of Taylor’s depravity, but I guess not, as she does ATM with the stick. 😉   This sets the stage for a cop fantasy, with fully uniformed Jack getting served by one of porn’s undisputed sluts.  Although there’s a bunch of good anal penetration shots and some more use of the nightstick as a sex toy, the pacing of the scene is off a bit…pretty relaxed and slow, which is not what I expect from Taylor, the anal queen.  Still, it’s an above average scene unless you’re expecting a lot of gapes (a few minors) or a big facial (the pop is on her asshole).  I just can’t get the nightstick image out of my head…

Kaylynn & Chris Charming – Like the other scenes, this starts out with some tease, as Kaylynn oils herself up out by the pool.  She then moves inside where Chris introduces a glass dildo into her ass.  From there, it’s an all-too-brief Kaylynn-style blowjob–slow, deliberate, with a lot of suction and eye contact.  I’m less enamored by most of the rest of the scene.  Even though it’s clear that Kaylynn is enjoying herself, the visuals are not as appealing as the other eye candy in the video.  There’s a too-brief DP with Chris and the glass dildo, anal in several positions (mostly with her on top), and a rare pop shot that doesn’t require a cut away or long jackoff session to induce.  The coolest thing about this scene–which I think is the weakest of the video–is Kaylynn putting Chris’ dick back in her ass after taking his load, saying with a smile, « I just want something to take home, daddy. I fucking love it! »

Katrina Kraven & Chris Charming — While I generally don’t like tattoos, I usually make an exception when it comes to heavily tattooed women, and Katrina is one of them.  With colorful tats on both arms, dyed red and black hair, fishnet lingerie, and electrical tape covering her nipples, she has a great fetish look.  She gives an outstanding BJ: enthusiastic, wet, deep, and lots of eye contact.  It’s also nice that Chris remains hard as a rock throughout the whole scene, making for some good vag and anal penetration shots.  Mid-way through the scene, the tape comes off Katrina’s smallish boobs, and we get to see them flop with the action.  There’s also a lot of ATM for those who are in to that plus several big anal gapes–this is definitely the anal scene of the movie.  It also ends with a great, forceful pop as she jerks him to orgasm with a smile.

Angels of Debauchery Vol.2

Scene One: Dasha, the former Vivid contract star and lead gal on the front DVD cover (the blonde on the left hand side), was up first in a scene with both Mark and Tommy. I have long been a fan and her recent return to porn, working gonzo companies rather than for her old employer, had my heart racing at the possibilities. While she’s done anal before and had some excellent, chemistry filled scenes with her husband Dillion, I longed for the day when she could be truly let loose to explore her darker side. This scene was the best since her return, if not ever in her career, and while it lacked the chemistry she displayed with Dillion, it had a whole lot of energy that she rarely displayed fully as she sucked and fucked these two guys with a lot of passion. Her energetic oral and anal were very well done and I can see that Vivid was holding her back more than I suspected as she squirt quite nicely towards the end and seemed really into the action. Fans of gapes will also be happy with how her tight ass showed the gape time of a seasoned professional rather than a contract gal for a feature company. Whew!

Scene Two: Ariana, the brunette on the lower half of the front DVD cover, was up next in a scene with Euro-stud, Zenza. Keeping in mind that this gal is fast becoming the rising star of gonzo porn (even though she’s been in the jizz bizz for a while), I knew she wouldn’t disappoint me as she followed the formula here by masturbating and doing everything possible to get the home viewer off. From her slow tease where she spanked her own ass, to the joy ride known as her blowjob, she proved that a few miles on a gal aren’t always a bad thing as she rode him with a glee reserved for a kid opening his presents on Christmas day. She warmed up her ass with her hand and a toy but it was the kink of the enema that will probably impress some of you perverts out there (using milk to clean her butt out for the act). The anal was extremely energetic with as much energy as I’ve ever seen her put forth, no small feat given some of her past scenes. There was far too much grain during the large bathtub scene but I can’t deny that the action was sufficient enough to blaze the screen for me. While I liked Dasha’s beauty more, there was no doubt that Ariana was the more sexually gifted.

Scene Three: Tory, the hot brunette featured on the upper half of the front DVD cover, wore a leather fetish outfit including corset, matching panties, and silk stockings as she teased the camera a bit. Physically, she was a breath of fresh air for a guy that likes seeing all sorts of gals in action and I was expecting her to put forth some hot anal action given the way she shook her ass for the camera. Sadly, she skipped the anal and focused her efforts mostly on a decent oral with vaginal combination. I think she’s a cutie that I’d like to see more of but the scene with Jerry wasn’t exactly a barn burner after the last two scenes and it paled by comparison to them if you catch my drift. Maybe she’ll be better next time but I got the impression it was something of a filler scene used to flesh out the running time (sorry for the pun).

Scene Four: Tiana, an attractive blonde gal with sweet curves and a great looking ass, was up next as she masturbated on a couch with a leopard print outfit on. I’ve only recently seen this gal in action but I think she has a tremendous amount of appeal on several levels. The lengthy light-colored hair, the lean body with sweet curves, and the way she looks at her partners during the sex all help make her something special. The scene here was with studly Mark and the two of them hammered away at one another for a long time with oral and straight sex being the primary means by which they got off. She appeared to piss (some call it squirting) a few times and if asked to place a bet with my hard earned money, I’d say she got off at least twice. Yum!

Scene Five: Missy, a slightly skanky looking bleached blonde that impressed me a lot in Feeding Frenzy 5, was the last gal in a scene here. Traditionally, companies place either their weakest gal at the end, figuring the consumer has long since spent his load(s), or their strongest, figuring the last impression is stronger than the first in terms of getting them back to the store for more purchases. I’d have to say that neither case held true here as she definitely wasn’t weak, nor was she as strong, as a few of the others. Being solidly in the middle of the pack is not a bad thing when the other gals are as talented as these were (not to mention as attractive) and I’m willing to bet her partner, Mark, would agree given the way he hammered away at her tight holes and mouth. The anal was almost as good as her excellent (but too short) oral, and like the other gals in the movie, made the best of the taste testing asked of them (PTM, ATM). In all, I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of her in the future, especially if she wearing fishnets and fetish outfits that accentuate her curves.

Angels of Debauchery Vol.3

Vanessa Blue Scene 1: As this first scene opens we see Vanessa walking down a hallway with a hot little crawling bit by her and you see those large cans of hers freed up and she pinches her nipples along with a good rub over her pussy. The nighite she is wearing is hot and Vanessa makes me happy licking and biting even on her nipples. The music sets a nice tone too but it’s the hot solo breast sucking which has got me rock hard! Vanessa also does some hot caressing to those funbags and the close underneath shot for this was really a good choice. Miss Blue also gives us some sexy glances as she plays with her tits. Moving along a bit we find Vanessa standing in front of a giant mirror and she is admiring herself, licking her lips as she continues fondling her boobs. Mark Ashley then appears behind her and he gets in some great squeezes to those funbags and also a little shaking is a going on!! You also see his cock slid underneath appearing in front of her pussy but not in it. The two then twirl tongues a bit before Vanessa drops down to suck on Mark’s tool. I like the drum beat we are hearing, not to loud and it disappears all together when Vanessa starts gagging on Mark’s cock. There are some great shots up close for this dick sucking and she definitely takes him all the way in. I sense a playful spirit in Vanessa too which is nice to see. You see some good fast titty fucking for Vanessa then there’s a fabulous shot underneath showing this titty fucking and it was tricky to get I bet. Vanessa then leans her head off the bed for some good ole fashioned throat fucking and I’m amazed she didn’t puke and also thankful,lol. There is a nice trail of spit though which runs down to one eye and soon it’s all over her upper face so she is definitely sucking his cock deep. Mark then stands over Vanessa for more fucking between her big tits, then he turns her over to doggie where she tells him to taste her ass which he happily does! Mark also does a little finger play leading to our first penetration still in doggie. It really felt like Mark’s cock was a snug fit into her pussy by the slow way he starts out and he gradually picks up the pace much to Vanessa’s delight. Another good ground shot shows off her tits moving and getting in closer you see the smoothness of his cock sliding into her easily. After a quick ass munch we see Vanessa turn over and Mark really pounds her in missionary yielding several yes’s from both! I like how Johnni keeps taking us in close to the fucking and then you hear Vanessa asking to taste her pussy so Mark obliges, what a girl. Mark then does more fingering in mish until Vanessa squirts a little and he pulls those lips open letting us see inside her pink hole. Then we move to a good looking cowgirl shot from floor level and there’s a lot of ass shaking a going on here. After some more P2M we move to reverse cowgirl and wow are those titties bouncing here as they really rev the engines up. A brief doggie fuck yields the pop which is to her tits and Vanessa gets some in her mouth. A very nice opener.

Roxy Jezel Scene 2: Ok, you know you are in for a good scene when the lead off shot is of Roxy Jezel all wet in the shower!! This sexy tart has a fabulous body highlighted by a superb ass, modest tits, and a cute face. Not to mention she’s got a sexy as hell accent, very expressive eyes, and a saucy attitude. Back to this scene, we watch as Roxy plays with her body in the shower and the water is cascading down it and she nicely spreads those ass cheeks and all I could think of was trying to jump through the screen to get a taste of that bum!! Roxy then presses those cheeks up against the door and that will make many a load prematurely spew forth, I know I had to try hard not to pop. Roxy also presses those boobs against the glass and ok I had to close my eyes for a second,lol. Damn this bootie is smokin in this scene, good thing the water was there to cool it off. Moving on we find Roxy out of the shower now and she is already taking off what little clothes she had put on leaving only a a purple stocking. The fucking also has commenced in a standing doggie and Mr. Surewood is laying the pipe pretty good here. He then picks her up for a quick pump in reverse cowgirl before lowering Roxy for some P2M and our second cock then appears as Mark Ashley is ready for more. Roxy is flawless going back and forth between these two lucky fellas. You see some good hard gagging from her and I liked the ground shot of her going from cock to cock. Moving along we go back to doggie as her tits get to shaking nicely and she gets a little vocal as her pussy is pounded. You then get a great fast paced mish and Roxy is very loud here as she is drilled and she also leans back for a little skull fucking. Up next Roxy has a seat in reverse cowgirl and you get more gaggin from her and I’m so glad there was no pukin, that would have totally ruined the scene. We see a nice shot of her sexy tush when they try cowgirl and a nice side shot also during this position is used. A little more fucking in mish and we get the pops and Roxy opens wide for the jizz and the men have pretty good aim leaving her a good bit to gulp down.

Mandy Bright Scene 3: As this next scene opens we see a great cleavage shot and Mandy does a little tracing of her left boob before also tracing the outline of her right. Moving up we see a sexy expression from her and she then lowers the zipper letting those gorgeous tits come out to play. Mandy licks a finger then lets the spit drop down onto her nipple then she squeezes them together for us. Mandy then pulls her outfit tight in between her pussy lips before pulling it aside for some finger action. I liked the ground shot we got for this as Mandy continues to coo beautifully though we don’t hear her I can imagine that is what she is doing. Nothing like some slow sexy masturbation to get a man’s cock hard. Miss Bright then turns over to show off her ass while continuing the good pussy play. The shot then changes and we see her in the same hallway that Vanessa’s scene was in. Mandy spies a fake cock stuck to the mirror and she drops down to suck on it all the while starring right at herself! She does some sexy play with the fake cock to her tits also. Mandy then crawls a little further and she finds two real cocks to suck on, Mark Wood and Scott Nails. The men are dressed in leisure attire and Mandy does a fabulous job of making them relax swapping their schlongs back and forth. Mandy does some aggressive jerking while sucking them off and she gets a great animalistic facial expression at one point which I loved. The trio then move to a location where Mandy can take a seat and some sex gets underway in mish, then it’s on to doggie as she is doing some P2M to the other cock. Mandy then gets nailed good in reverse cowgirl anal and damn I love this position when the girl is busty like Mandy and they do a dp here as well. Mandy then gets off for some double dick cleaning before she turns around for some cowgirl action first to her pussy then a glass toy is used on her ass and thankfully a cock quickly replaces the toy. Moving on we see doggie anal, spoon anal, some more A2M and finally the splooge is shot on her face with a smiling Mandy doing some cleanup.

Christie Lee Scene 4: This next scene starts with the young Miss Lee standing outside on a fire escape smoking a ciggy and naturally she is wearing some black latex which lets her butt cheeks be visible and a collar is also around her neck. Christie bends over for some good butt shots and we see she is checking herself out in the glass just like the other girls save for Roxy. Christie then does a little pussy rubbing not forgetting to lick her fingers and again the music sets a good tone to this opening tease. I really like how close Johnni gets for some of this pussy fingering and Miss Lee really gets into it which is also great to see. The shot changes and we see Christie is balls deep on Joachim’s cock and they are still on the fire escape while she gives this blowjob and you see down below cars passing by, people on bikes, just think you could have driven by, looked up and seen a blowjob if you had real good vision. They soon move inside where Joachim jerks a bit as Christie fingers herself, slaps her pussy hard, then she turns over to doggie where Joachim slides in. The lighting was a bit dark here but not to terrible that you couldn’t clearly make everything out. Up next they get a fast pace in spoon, then it’s on to a fabulously shot reverse cowgirl– I just love floor shots for this position and she gets off for a quick P2M before turning around to hop back on in cowgirl. We get a little booty shaking from Christie and she is picked up in this position. Christie then lies down for some good hard throat fucking with Joachim standing over her and he also lets her suck on his balls. Moving on you get a standing doggie with everyone looking at themselves in the mirror and Christie gets in close enough to lick the mirror ala kissing herself! Pretty soon Joachim has worked a load onto the bridge of her nose and Christie does some cleanup. A good scene for her fans.

Sammie Rhodes Scene 5: Ok, for our last scene we get this sexy blond who really has a perfect body for porn. Bodacious ta ta’s, a cute face with expressive eyes, a good ass, now if only she will go back to doing guys and also do anal!! Here we find Sammie looking for a dvd and in a shameless plug she picks out an Evil Angel one,hehe, Angels of Debauchery 2. She slips it into the player and sits back for a little porno viewing. Sammie starts fingering herself as Dasha is being fucked onscreen and she pulls those beautiful tits out doing some awesome caressing. Sammie then gets to working on her pussy. I think she is pretty horny now as she gets on the cell phone, presumably calling for cocks!! The shot changes and she is in some sexy white mesh lingerie and some hot nipple licking gets the tease off to a flying start. Sammie then turns around to show off her ass but wisely she turns back around to finger her pussy and let us drink in those tits some more. Well her call must have gotten through as Mark Wood and Mark Ashley show up and Sammie is soon face deep in cock going nicely back and forth plus she does a little double sucking. Sammie then lies back for some pussy fingering, more dick sucking and finally some fucking in mish. The boobs get to shaking quite nicely as the pace picks up and it continues in the doggie position. Moving along we get a nice cowgirl which lets her underrated ass get some pub and I loved the floor shot we get where it is shaking beautifully. Then we get what I think is the best position for Sammie and that is reverse cowgirl as her tits are best shown off here I think but in the behind the scenes we learn she doesn’t really like this position, sorry Sammie but I love you in it!! We then get more cowgirl lovin some it from up close and listen to how much she moans, very nice. Nicely Sammie also makes a return visit to reverse cowgirl and those funbags are really shaking here. You see some standing doggie action for Sammie then the fellas unload their seed to her face with some cleanup by her.



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