19 Year Old Greek Amateur

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19 Year Old Greek Amateur

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Each one is unique. The 19 year old Greek women emerging protagonists of Sirina (and fanatic of sex) Rosa is Lolita, Voula, Valentini and Mimi, addressed to the public and explain in front of the movie camera, the reasons they decided to turn porn movie, and other spicy details of his personal life . Then do everything to prove their worth and of course to make their experienced partner … happy!

Among the young ambitious girls will enjoy a makeup artist who worked on the previous films of Sirina shooting. Everything was happening at the time of filming, they made her excited and finally decide that this experience must live it!

The new production of Sirina, will make you reconsider what you thought you knew about women and of course … sex!

Starring: Rosa Lolita, Voula Vavatsika Valentina, Mimi, the Dinos Doctor, Nick Patrinos, Zafiris

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